Eterna City is a city located in the northeastern part of the Sinnoh region. Located here is a Pokémon Center, a Poké Mart, the only Herb Shop found in Sinnoh, the Bicycle Shop, a Galactic Hideout, and the Eterna City Gym. To the west of the city is Eterna Forest; to the south of the city is Cycling Road; and to the east of the city is a route that leads straight to Mt. Coronet. A statue of one of the Time-Space Pokémon is built in the western part of the city. This city is also one of the places where Team Galactic has a base of operation.


Eterna City is an ancient city known for the statue at the west of the city. It is also a popular town for elderly people because of the fresh air that looms over the city. However, it is still a busy town. That is why they decided to locate a gym there. It is also known for connecting the past and the present. The Eterna City Gym Leader's name is Gardenia.

Important places

The Eterna Gym

A grass type Gym whose Gym Leader is Gardenia

Galactic Building

One of Team Galactic's bases where the Player must rescue kidnapped Pokemon from Team Galactic.

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