For other variants of Tangela belonging to Erika, see Erika's Tangela.

This Tangela is a grass-type Pokémon owned by Erika.


Erika's Tangela acidentally stood in Red's path when he wanted to ride the bike to Celadon City.[1] Later, Erika used Tangela to battle Red's Ivysaur and won by hitting the latter with Vine Whip.[2]

Erika came with her Pokémon, including Tangela, to meet up with Yellow near Celadon City.[3]

Erika sent her Tangela to battle the Shellder army, invading the Celadon City. Tangela used Bind, but the Shellder broke free from its grasp.[4] The Shellder attacked Erika, who was saved by Tangela; Tangela used Bind and Growth, to absorb some of the energy.[5] With Lance's downfall, Erika and Tangela watched as the light from Yellow and Pika's Megavolt caused the area around the city to bloom with flowers, restoring it with life.[6]

Known moves

  • Using Vine Whip
  • Using Bind
  • Using Growth

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