This Jynx is an ice/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Erica.


Seeing May and Joshua together, Erica sent Jynx, whom Erica admired. As Team Rocket appeared, May and Joshua worked together to battle the enemy; Erica was furious and had Jynx blast Team Rocket away with Hyper Beam to stop Joshua from working with May, instead of Erica. During the Contest, Jynx used Psychic and Blizzard, which made an icy tornado, which made Erica pass into the next round.

Erica's Jynx faced Meowth belonging to the Jester (who was Jessie in disguise). Jynx launched Lovely Kiss, which Meowth countered with Fury Swipes. However, Jynx tried to kiss Meowth, who ran away from her. Just as Jynx launched Hyper Beam, Meowth used the device to transform himself into a Sunflora. "Sunflora" casted away leaves, which were frozen by Blizzard. Meowth transformed himself into a Kirlia and fell down, dodging Jynx's Lovely Kiss. Meowth used his device to transform into a Wailord, so Jynx used Psychic on him. Meowth struggled, but ended up cutting the costume, causing him to be blown away as the judges declared him and the Jester as disqualified. Team Rocket tried to take Jynx with a net, which was blown away by Jynx's Psychic. In the end, Team Rocket were blasted off with Jynx's Hyper Beam. In the final round, Jynx faced against May's Skitty. Skitty went to tackle Jynx, who stopped her with Psychic, then affected her with Lovely Kiss and froze with Blizzard. Skitty used Assist, which turned into String Shot that binded Jynx. However, Skitty repeated Assist, which turned to Razor Leaf that cut the strings. Jynx used her Psychic/Blizzard combo to attack Skitty, who repeated Assist, which turned into String Shot to negate Jynx's assault. Jynx used Psychic to stop Skitty's Vine Whip, which was used through Assist. Despite others' warnings, May had Skitty repeat Assist that turned into Petal Dance that hurt Jynx. With a final Assist, Skitty launched Fire Spin that negated Jynx's Hyper Beam and burned her. This made Jynx an easy target for Skitty's Tackle; Jynx was defeated and May and Skitty won the battle.

Before arriving to Slateport City for May's Grand Festival, she and Ash remembered their past adventures so far. May recalled facing Erica, whose Jynx launched Blizzard. Skitty's Assist turned into String Shot and negated the move. After Assist turned into Vine Whip, Skitty repeated the attack and turned to Petal Dance that wounded Jynx. With Assist that turned into Fire Spin, Skitty negated Jynx's Hyper Beam and hurt her. This allowed Skitty to use Tackle on Jynx and defeat her.

Known moves

  • Using Hyper Beam
  • Using Blizzard
  • Using Psychic
  • Using Lovely Kiss
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