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Eri is the boss of Team Star's Fighting Crew, a student at the Naranja/Uva Academies, and a major antagonist in the Starfall Street storyline of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. She specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon.


Eri is a tall girl that themes herself after the lucha libre much like Hawlucha in her Team Star attire. She wears a completely white outfit with knee-high legwarmers and boots underneath. Her luchador mask is blue, pink and purple, with white "fangs" next to her mouth to add a sense of intimidation. A black star with a white lightning bolt is above her left eye.

In her academy uniform, Eri's face is revealed, appearing rather youthful and has black hair that falls down to her shoulders. She wears a white shirt with academy colors and the academy's insignia. She also wears shorts with a floral pattern, knee-high socks and academy-themed shoes.

Eri's fighting type preference is reflected in how she casually dresses as a Joshi pro wrestler. Wearing a mask and clothes that enhance the appearance of her hands and feet similar to Sneasler's appearance. Fighting type is known as being the "Justice type" to contrast Dark type being "Evil" and thus despite Eri being a boss of Team Star, she is fiercely protective of her friends. Coincidently she is the tallest, reflecting a trend that Fighting types are bigger and taller and more "human" than other pokemon as the Fighting type regional variants indicate.


Eri is a diligent athlete who uses her discipline experience to lead the team's training regimen. Despite being a powerful and skilled fighter and Trainer with her preference for Fighting-type Pokémon, Eri is extremely kind outside of fighting, she will put safety on the line and fight for her friend's protection. Even after being bullied by her fellow classmates, she took in one of her bullies, a student named Carmen, after she had suffered bullying by her classmates, causing Carmen to become fiercely loyal to her in gratitude.

Being one of the oldest members of Team Star, she has a big sister-like mentality to her friends and other students. She does enjoy wrestling and sport fighting, but doesn't enjoy seeing others get hurt, so she often maintains a scary appearance so everyone will likely target her instead of her friends, but after the bullying is formally stopped at the school, she is able to turn her love for sports and reaching out to a positive influence as other students show genuine interest in her wrestling club. Due to her kindness, she can tell when a Trainer's Pokémon have complete trust in their owner. Like Penny, she takes it upon herself to make sure everyone else is okay.


Eri originally entered the Naranja Academy/Uva Academy under a sports scholarship. only to be bullied by classmates due to her beauty and talent. The bullying was led by Carmen as she was originally the "queen" in her class before Eri came and took it over. Once the bullies had grown tired of Eri, they began to bully Carmen instead, but Eri took her in and the two have been strong friends ever since. Eri and her friends later banded up as Team Star to carry out an operation in order to defend themselves from bullies. During the preparation, she became the captain of the Caph Squad and was the one who helped her friends to train and evolve their Pokémon. Due to their actions, however, a scandal about the academy's bullying broke out, and Eri and the other Team Star captains hadn't heard from their boss since for a year and a half.

Eri would later stand watch over her base and unlike the other bosses who remained inside, she was outside guarding the gates when the player arrived to enact Operation Starfall. Carmen persuaded her to retreat inside to prepare, much to her reluctance. After her subordinates were defeated, she fought them herself, only to be defeated by them too. Impressed by their strength and sincerity (and following the code), Eri gave her badge to them and TM167 Close Combat before running away to weep.

Eri and her friends later reunited with Penny at the academy and was delighted of the prospect of going to school with her friends. She agreed to Clavell's request to oversee the Star Training Academies, where the player can have daily rematches with her. After the first Academy Ace Tournament had ended, it was revealed that Carmen and Eri had together started a wrestling club at the academy.

If the player completes all of their classes and has a rematch with the Team Star bosses after finishing the Starfall Street chapter, the player can find Eri with Giacomo at the academy's entrance hall. Due to wearing their school uniforms, the player does not recognize them at first until they also realize it and remind them who they were. After returning to class, the bosses began to take makeup tests to restore their credit, which Eri and Giacomo had no problems with; however, Mela, Ortega and Atticus were struggling and their attempts to help them proved unsuccessful. After finding Mela (who had gone to the garden), the study session starts and the player motivates the three. As a reward for their assistance, Eri will hand the player a Gold Bottle Cap and teach them Team Star's signature emote.


Initial Battle[]

0454Toxicroak Pokémon HOMETypeType Poison HOME Poison / Type Fighting HOME Fighting0766Passimian Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting
MovesPoison JabBrick BreakMovesClose CombatRock Tomb
Sucker PunchSeed Bomb
0448Lucario Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting / Type Steel HOME Steel0979Annihilape Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting / Type Ghost HOME Ghost
AbilitySteadfastAbilityVital Spirit
MovesDragon PulseAura SphereMovesRage FistClose Combat
Dark PulseIce PunchFire Punch
Caph Starmobile
0966Revavroom Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting
MovesCombat TorqueSpin Out
Shift GearHigh Horsepower


0057Primeape Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting0454Toxicroak Pokémon HOMETypeType Poison HOME Poison / Type Fighting HOME Fighting
AbilityVital SpiritAbilityAnticipation
MovesGunk ShotStomping TantrumMovesPoison JabBrick Break
Cross ChopRock SlideSucker PunchIce Punch
0766Passimian Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting0448Lucario Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting / Type Steel HOME Steel
MovesClose CombatGunk ShotMovesDragon PulseAura Sphere
Seed BombEarthquakeDark PulseExtreme Speed
0979Annihilape Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting / Type Ghost HOME Ghost
AbilityVital Spirit
MovesRage FistClose Combat
Ice PunchGunk Shot


  • Eri uses Heal Balls in her battles, representing her kind personality underneath her tough exterior.