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Entralink is a forest that is located in central Unova in Pokémon Black and White. It is also a wireless feature within the games. To use it, you must have progressed at least as far as Nimbasa City, because the Entralink only includes the ring of routes and cities around the center of the map. Once this is done, you can then use the Entralink by turning on the C-Gear and pressing the button that says 'Wireless', then tapping the button labeled 'Entralink'. This warps your character to the Entralink. There is a minor restriction to this, however. You cannot warp from inside buildings or caves; your character must be outdoors. You must be farther than the actual Nimbasa City for warp to work.

Once you are in the Entralink, you can choose from among several different activities. If you have used the Pokémon Dream World to catch Pokémon, you can head north (up) from the Entree in the center of the Entralink and enter a forest. Any Pokémon caught in the Dream World will be waiting for you in this area, or one of the other areas leading off of it.

If you have a friend nearby that also has their C-Gear turned on, and is not inside your Entralink, you can cross one of the two bridges to the east and west (right and left) and enter your friend's Entralink. When you pass through the barrier on either bridge, the environment will change to monochrome, and your player avatar will turn into another avatar, such as the one that other people see you as in the Union Room, or other similar places. While inside your friend's Entralink, you can do missions by talking to the Entree in the center. These missions assist your friend in-game, and also earn you Pass Orbs, a sort of currency unique to the Entralink, that can be used to purchase Pass Powers by talking to the Entree. These Pass Powers include things like EXP and Prize money multipliers, Capture Rate increase, and many more handy abilities that can be used to ease your gameplay. The Entralink is also part of Entree Forest.

Mission Listings

Item Mission: The player needs to go to the Celestial Tower and hide an Ultra Ball within it. If another player talks to them during this mission, the mission will become failed.

Battle Mission: The player needs to find and challenge the High Link host to a battle. The restrictions are two Pokémon at Level 10. If the player refused the battle, the mission will become failed.

Support Mission: The player needs to go to find the Entralink host and give them an item called the Discount Power S. This item lasts for thirty minutes.

Sometimes, missions even transform the player character into Pokémon such as Meowth, Machop, Jigglypuff, Oddish, Cubone, and Pikachu.

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