Eberry Image of the
Enigma berry.
Nº 43 (R/S/E/OR/AS); Nº 60 (D/P/Pt)
Enigma Berry
Starf - Micle
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Firmness {{{firmness}}}
Effect when hit by a SuperEffective move, Restore 1/4th of holder's HP
Tree Not available
Flavor (Gen. III)
Spicy 0
Dry 10
Sweet 0
Bitter 10
Sour 0
Flavor (Gen. IV)
Spicy 40
Dry 20
Sweet 10
Bitter 10
Sour 10
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The Enigma Berry is an event berry in Generation IV. It is a Placeholder for the e-Reader Berries in Generation III. It is always held by event Darkrais and has the appearance of a sunflower seed with a question mark on it.


In battle, it restores 1/4 of the health of the Pokémon that is holding it while being hit by a supereffective move. This effect is only present since Generation IV.

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