For other variants of Zebstrika belonging to Elesa, see Elesa's Zebstrika.

This Zebstrika is an Electric-type Pokémon owned by Elesa.


BW051 6

Zebstrika ignores Pignite's Flamethrower, running headlong by using Flame Charge.

Zebstrika first appeared battling Bianca's Pokémon. Bianca sent Shelmet, who started the battle with Acid, but Zebstrika avoided the attack. Dodging against Shelmet's Energy Ball, Zebstrika defeated Shelmet with Double Kick and Flame Charge. Bianca called Shelmet back and sent Minccino. Zebstrika dodged Minccino's Double Slap and Swift attacks, but was affected by Hyper Voice. Like Shelmet, Zebstrika defeated Minccino with a Double Kick and Flame Charge combo. As her final Pokémon to battle Elesa, Bianca sent Pignite. Pignite fired a Flamethrower, but missed. Zebstrika, in retaliation, used Double Kick, but missed and got hit by Flame Charge. Zebstrika used the same move and ignored Pignite's Flamethrower, knocking Pignite to the ground. Pignite dodged Zebstrika's Double Kick and hit it away with Heat Crash. Zebstrika evaded Pignite's Flamethrower and scored a hit with Flame Charge, then used Wild Charge. This defeated Pignite and winning the battle for Elesa.[1]

BW052 4

Zebstrika got defeated by Palpitoad's move combination.

Zebstrika was used again when Elesa battled Ash but Ash used his Palpitoad, which was part Ground type and therefore immune to Zebstrika's most powerful move Wild Charge. Palpitoad missed using Mud Shot and Zebstrika managed to hit him with Flame Charge. With its speed boosted, Zebstrika managed to dodge Palpitoad's Hydro Pump and hit him with Double Kick, causing Palpitoad to be stunned and be hit by Zebstrika's Quick Attack. Palpitoad managed to confuse Zebstrika with Supersonic and defeat it with a Mud Shot and Hydro Pump combo.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Flame Charge
  • Using Double Kick
  • Using Wild Charge
  • Using Quick Attack

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