For other variants of Emolga belonging to Elesa, see Elesa's Emolga.

This Emolga is an Electric/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Elesa.


BW052 11

Snivy battling Elesa's Emolga.

With her Zebstrika defeated, Elesa sent Emolga to the battle. Emolga managed to dodge Ash's Palpitoad's Supersonic and confuse him with Acrobatics. Palpitoad was soon defeated after Emolga used Attract and Aerial Ace. Ash, seeing his best Pokémon against Elesa's Electric-type Pokémon was defeated, ran off and came back with Snivy. Both Emolga and Snivy used Attract on each other, but it had no effect, due to them being female. Snivy attacked with Vine Whip, but missed. Snivy tried to attack with Leaf Storm and Leaf Blade, but Emolga endured the attacks and defeated Snivy with Acrobatics and Aerial Ace combination. Ash became frustrated, thinking what should he do, but his Pikachu electrocuted him, since he wanted to participate in the battle. Pikachu and Emolga attacked each other with Electro Ball, though Pikachu managed to defeat Emolga with Quick Attack, bashing her into a wall.[1]

Cilan remembered Elesa, since his task was to cosplay as her. Cilan tried his best to cosplay as Elesa, as well as his Pansage to look like Emolga, though it wasn't good enough for Miles to give him a passing grade, since Miles was Elesa's fan.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Attract
  • Using Acrobatics
  • Using Aerial Ace
  • Using Electro Ball


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