Ein is the head scientist and researcher for the criminal organization Cipher and is in charge of their Shadow Pokémon project in Pokémon Colosseum. He is the last of the four Cipher Admins to be revealed.


Ein is a tall man that wears a large lab coat. He also wears shades and has long, black hair.


Ein retains a very calm and cool personality. However, he was surprised when he was defeated by Wes the first time and remains cautious.


He is the Admin in charge of the Shadow Pokémon Lab, located near the underground city of The Under. The Shadow Pokémon Lab which he maintains at the time of Pokémon Colosseum is later used by Cipher Admin Lovrina in Pokémon XD as a hideout. Ein is the holder of Shadow Raikou. He can be battled at the Shadow Pokémon Lab, Realgam Tower and finally Deep Colosseum once the player has completed the main game events.


Shadow Pokémon Lab

Realgam Tower

Note: If the Raikou hasn't been snagged from earlier, Ein will have it during this battle.

Deep Colosseum

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