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Effect Spore is an ability that makes the foe poisoned, paralyzed, or fall asleep 30% of the time whenever attacked by a move that makes contact. The chance of inflicting a given status is not the same for each status. Overall, Effect Spore has a 9% chance of inducing poison, 10% chance of inducing paralysis, and 11% chance of inducing sleep. It was introduced in Generation III. It is an exclusive ability to Grass-type Pokémon.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#046 Paras 046.png Type Bug.gifType Grass.gif
#047 Parasect 047.png Type Bug.gifType Grass.gif
#285 Shroomish 285.png Type Grass.gif
#286 Breloom 286.png Type Grass.gifType Fighting.gif
#590 Foongus 590.png Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif
#591 Amoonguss 591.png Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif
#755 Morelull 755.png Type Grass.gifType Fairy.gif
#756 Shiinotic 756.png Type Grass.gifType Fairy.gif


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#045 Vileplume 045.png Type Grass.gifType Poison.gif
#829 Gossifleur 829.png Type Grass.gif
#830 Eldegoss 830.png Type Grass.gif


  • All of the Pokémon that can have Effect Spore as a normal ability are related to mushrooms.
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