Ecruteak City is a city in the Johto region. To the southwest is Olivine City, to the east is Mahogany Town and to the south is Goldenrod City.

A Girl in Olivine City telling the player about Ecruteak City that made medicine for her (Beta Version Only)


Ecruteak City has a population of 46 which makes it the fourth-largest city in the Johto region.

Areas of Interest

Tin Tower :According to legend, this tower is home to the legendary Pokémon; Ho-Oh.


Main article: Ecruteak City Gym


  • Hyper Potion: Near the Tin Tower
  • HM03 Surf: Reward for defeating all the Kimono Girls in the Ecruteak Theater(Gold/Silver/Crystal) Reward for saving the single Kimono Girl present from a Team Rocket Grunt(HeartGold/SoulSilver)
  • TM Shadow Ball: (from Morty after defeating him).


  • A house that you cannot enter in Olivine City features an NPC that speaks of a pharmacist in Ecruteak City who had treated her Pokémon, despite the pharmacy being in Cianwood City instead. This is either a mistranslation, or a hint of the pharmacy originally being in Ecruteak City in the Beta version of Pokémon Gold and Silver. Evidence of the latter is that there's another inaccessible house in Ecruteak City, near the Mart and PokéCenter.
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