Earl Dervish is a character in Pokémon Adventures.


Gold & Silver arc

In Azalea Town, Earl Dervish's bag got stolen by a thief. Gold managed to take the thief down, and return the bag to Earl Dervish, who gave him some food as reward. Gold claimed it was his duty to have the bag delivered, but Earl knew Gold was just lying. Regradless, he was pleased that none of the documents were missing, and announced Professor Elm's assistant was coming to Violet City.[1]

Eventually, Emerald, who had no place to stay, was taken by the Trick Master to visit the Pokémon Academy in Johto region.[2]

Crystal arc

Some time later, Earl was at the Pokémon Academy with the children. Crystal greeted him, who was doing a lot of work tidying up the place. Earl was pleased, but was a bit disappointed that their school that offered free education was in bad shape, and was a home for homeless children and Pokémon. As a group of Slugma appeared, Earl had the children go into the basement to protect themselves.[3] Emerald was one of the children, who admired Crystal's work to Earl Dervish's school.[2]

A few days later, Earl became shocked to see the Academy being renovated.[3] Some time later, Earl learned it was Crystal, who funded the repairs to the school, as she was helping Professor Oak. This motivated Emerald some more to stand up and help.[2]

Earl Dervish heard a distress call about a crisis in Johto, and sent his Pokémon to join the cause.[4] Earl Dervish, along with the children, listened to DJ Mary's broadcast, with Professor Oak as the guest star.[5]


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