The Final Battle VIII (大決戦VIII) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 29.


Red and Gold, through combined efforts, manage to destroy Guile's armor, setting Archie free. Along with Emerald, they join the rest of the Pokédex Holders, who aim at the ocean Kyogre, to destroy it once and for all.

Chapter plot

Guile is frustrated, since he cannot detect which Poliwrath is the real one. Suddenly, Gold's Politoed, Polibo, comes to Guile and attacks. Red is impressed by Gold's tactics, since he and Gold have refined this at Mt. Silver - Poli used Double Team to distract the enemy, allowing Polibo to use the moment to strike. Guile is furious and sends Walrein and Surskit, the latter even evolving into a Masquerain.

However, Poli and Polibo topple down Walrein and Masquerain, then strike at Guile's armor, shattering it into pieces, revealing Archie underneath, who is shocked at this turn of events. Gold and Red go to the other Pokédex Holders, who sent their Pokémon, ready for the assault. Ruby and Sapphire wonder how will they get the ocean Kyogre out and are explained Gold sent Red and Yellow's Pikachu, as well as Chuchu, who emit some electricity, drawing the ocean Kyogre out. Red and Gold climb up, towards the higher levels of the Battle Tower. However, Archie holds Gold's hand, since he will not let the plan go to waste.

Archie claims he still has the Pokémon inside the Battle Frontier and can summon them instantly. Emerald dares Archie to do that, claiming not a single one will obey him. Archie is shocked and told Emerald used his device on the whole Battle Frontier, calming all Pokémon inside it - and on the corners of the area stand Scott, the reporter, Latios and Latias. With this explanation, Gold releases Archie's hand, since Gold used Emerald's fake robotic arm, causing Archie to fall down.

Gold and Emerald climb up and Emerald orders everyone to fire the ultimate attacks. Green's Blasty, Silver's Feraligatr and Ruby's Mumu launch Hydro Cannon, while Gold's Exbo, Sapphire's Chic and Blue's Charizard fire Blast Burn and Emerald's Sceptile, Red's Saur and Crystal's Megaree attack the ocean Kyogre with Frenzy Plant.


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