The Final Battle VI (大決戦VI) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 29.


Emerald, seeing Crystal wounded, attacks Guile in retaliation. Guile uses his sword to reflect back the damage, surprising how much Emerald cares about others. Emerald confesses his feelings, causing Jirachi to fulfill his wish.

Chapter plot

Gold, who is lying on the top of the invisible room, hopes he and Crystal have stalled Guile for enough to have Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald teach their Pokémon the ultimate moves. Guile is annoyed and has the ocean Kyogre sweep away the Frontier Brains, as well as Scott, in a giant wave, causing them to drown. Scott is saddened at his Battle Frontier, seeing it is being flooded and destroyed. Guile is impressed by this power, but is interested how Mr. Mime managed to craft the room, leaving the children inside to teach the ultimate skills to their Pokémon. Guile taunts them into attacking himself, who has the power of the sea by his side. Seeing Crystal wounded, Emerald sends his Pokémon to attack Guile. Guile laughs and swings his sword, hitting Emerald and his Pokémon, blowing them away.

They land onto the Battle Tower, where they lay down from exhaustion and pain. Guile steps on Emerald's Pokémon, claiming they are worthless. Emerald demands Guile not to step on them. Guile is surprised, since he knows well Emerald likes the battles and not the Pokémon. Guile comes to Emerald, who sees well his Pokémon are too exhausted to do any battles. Guile claims such Pokémon are garbage, which should be trashed away. Guile claims the humans are the same, since he thinks these lumps of stone (pointing at the senior Pokédex Holders) are just pests. Guile asks Emerald does he agree to that. Emerald shouts out he is wrong, since Emerald always wished to have friends and comrades that love Pokémon as much as he does. Emerald shouts out he likes Pokémon and people who like Pokémon.

Ruby, Sapphire, Crystal and Gold are touched. Jirachi watches this and a light starts glowing. Emerald hears a beep from his Pokédex, as do Ruby, Sapphire, Gold and Crystal. They hear a different sound this time and are surprised, since that only occurred when they met each other for the first time. Sapphire hears more sounds, hearing 10 similar sounds coming from elsewhere. They realize 10 Pokédexes are being brought together. Emerald stares at Jirachi, who opened its third eye. As such, Emerald's wish is granted and fulfilled - the senior Pokédex Holders - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Silver - are cured of their petrification. Gold congratulates Emerald, since his true feelings he admitted just now were enough to get Jirachi to open its third eye and fulfill his wish. Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald run to meet their seniors.


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