Lemme at 'Em, Lapras! (VSラプラス VS Lapras) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 28.


Emerald rushes to the tower, with Ruby, Sapphire and Noland by his side. After calming down some Pokémon, the group enters the Battle Tower, where Guile is to get Jirachi to fulfill his wish.

Chapter plot

The Frontier Brains fight the rental Pokémon Guile had released. Brandon shouts out Guile went to the Battle Tower with Jirachi, while Noland went to warn Spenser and Anabel about the situation. While Spenser watches his fight against Emerald's Pokémon, the reporter and Latias hear some noise from the accommodations. Seeing there is trouble ahead, Latias dispels her illusion and takes the reporter with her, then joins with Latios. Noland worries about Anabel, who has not replied to him yet, fearing she may have been captured. Noland meets up with Emerald at the Battle Tower and notices his "friends", who introduce themselves as Ruby and Sapphire, who came here to help Emerald to capture Jirachi.

They claim to be the "Hoenn Pokédex Trio", but Emerald shouts out when did he become a part of the trio. Ruby and Sapphire halt and think they are the "three conquerors" - Ruby won the Contests, Sapphire the Gym matches and Emerald is fighting in the Battle Frontier. Emerald claims he does not wish to be near them. Suddenly, some enraged Pokémon appear, which Noland identifies as the rental Pokémon from the Battle Factory. Emerald confirms he left his Pokémon at the Battle Palace, asking if he can borrow some of these, especially those that look tormented. Emerald uses his device, which sprays soil on the Pokémon, calming them all down. The Pokémon are no longer furious, though Emerald asks Mawile, Mr. Mime, Mantine and Snorlax to join him to the Battle Tower. The doors of the Tower shut as Noland, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire enter.

Noland permits Emerald lending Snorlax, Mr. Mime and Mantine, while Noland takes Mawile, as they will both use the elevator to reach the top. Guile, on the computers, notices the group had arrived and intimidates Jirachi, wondering why won't it fulfill his wish. Seeing Jirachi disobeys him, Guile decides to buy some time and is counting on someone as well. Seeing the elevator does not work, the group takes the stairs instead. The lights turn on, while Noland realizes a match is about to commence. A virtual trainer is formed and attacks with Gulpin. At the end of the hall, however, they find Anabel, who looks at them with lifeless eyes.




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