Dynamax Adventures are a feature that was added in the Crown Tundra, in which the player and 3 other Trainers use rental Pokémon in a series of battles in the Max Lair, leading up to a Legendary Pokémon. The player may also use the previous Pokémon battled in the raid. There is also an endless version.


At the start of each Dynamax Adventures, the player chooses between three rental Pokémon that will be used throughout the adventure. The other three players will do the same.

Before the player reach the final Pokémon, there will be a few Pokémon that player will battle. There are multiple choices and the player and their teammates choose the next Pokémon that will be battle. In the overworld, the Pokémon itself is not shown, and instead, a red fog will show with the top covered, blocking the Pokémon from being seen.

During the adventures, the player can come across:

  • Scientists, who offers a trade of the player's current Pokémon for another rental Pokémon.
  • Backpackers, who offer held items for the player's Pokémon
  • Piles of Berries, which will heal the player's Pokémon by 50%.

Eventually, the team will reach a Legendary or an Ultra Beast, and battle it to catch it. All Legendary Pokemon are available through Dynamax Adventures.

After the adventure, the player can bring back one of the Pokémon that the player has caught during the adventure. The Pokémon only appear shiny when choosing the Pokémon that the player would keep, and the odds of a shiny Pokémon are 1 in 300.


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