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Dynamax Adventures (ダイマックスアドベンチャー, Dynamax Adventure) are a feature that was added in the Crown Tundra, in which the player and 3 other Trainers use rental Pokémon in a series of battles in the Max Lair, leading up to a Legendary Pokémon. The player may also use the previous Pokémon battled in the raid. There is also an endless version.


At the start of each Dynamax Adventures, the player chooses between three rental Pokémon that will be used throughout the adventure. The other three players will do the same.

Before the player reaches the final Pokémon, there will be a few Pokémon that player will battle. There are multiple choices and the player and their teammates choose the next Pokémon that will be battle. In the overworld, the Pokémon itself is not shown, and instead, a red fog will show with the top covered, blocking the Pokémon from being seen (although judging by the shape of the Pokémon's silhouette, the player can guess what Pokémon they will come across). To give the player a hint as to what Pokémon they're about to battle, the types of the Pokémon are indicated above the red fog.

During the adventures, the player can come across:

  • Scientists, who offer a trade of the player's current Pokémon for another rental Pokémon.
  • Backpackers, who offer held items for the player's Pokémon
  • Piles of Berries, which will heal the team's Pokémon by 50%.

Eventually, the team will reach a Legendary or an Ultra Beast, and battle it to catch it. All Legendary Pokémon not available otherwise are available through Dynamax Adventures.

After the adventure, the player can bring back one of the Pokémon that the player has caught during the adventure. The Pokémon only appear shiny when choosing the Pokémon that the player would keep, and the odds of a shiny Pokémon are 1 in 300 (1 in 150 with the Shiny Charm).


Rental and Normal Opposing Pokémon

These Pokémon can be selected as rental Pokémon and appear as opposing Dynamax Pokémon. They are all level 65.

List of rental and normal opposing Pokémon
Pokémon Ability Moves
002.png Ivysaur Chlorophyll Grass Pledge Synthesis Solar Beam Sludge Bomb
005.png Charmeleon Solar Power Fire Pledge Dragon Pulse Endure Inferno
008.png Wartortle Rain Dish Water Pledge Ice Beam Aura Sphere Hydro Pump
012G.png Butterfree
Tinted Lens Pollen Puff Venoshock Rage Powder Giga Drain
026.png Raichu Lightning Rod Rising Voltage Speed Swap Light Screen Focus Blast
026A.png Raichu
Surge Surfer Thunderbolt Electric Terrain Psychic Round
028.png Sandslash Sand Veil Crush Claw Stomping Tantrum Stone Edge Leech Life
028A.png Sandslash
Snow Cloak Avalanche Rock Slide Brick Break Swords Dance
031.png Nidoqueen Poison Point Scorching Sands Venoshock Charm Shadow Ball
034.png Nidoking Rivalry High Horsepower Fire Punch Ice Punch Thunder Punch
035.png Clefairy Friend Guard Life Dew Mystical Fire Magical Leaf Reflect
036.png Clefable Magic Guard Meteor Beam Dazzling Gleam Follow Me Cosmic Power
039.png Jigglypuff Friend Guard Substitute Light Screen Fake Tears Draining Kiss
040.png Wigglytuff Competitive Dazzling Gleam Round Expanding Force Sweet Kiss
044.png Gloom Chlorophyll Venoshock Toxic Moonblast Stun Spore
045.png Vileplume Chlorophyll Giga Drain Grassy Terrain Toxic Pollen Puff
051.png Dugtrio Sand Force High Horsepower Substitute Mud-Slap Rock Slide
051A.png Dugtrio
Sand Veil Iron Head High Horsepower Sucker Punch Screech
053.png Persian Technician Facade Play Rough Feint Round
053A.png Persian
Fur Coat Assurance Snarl Feint Quash
055.png Golduck Swift Swim Aqua Jet Screech Mega Kick Brine
062.png Poliwrath Water Absorb Drain Punch Body Slam Coaching Liquidation
064.png Kadabra Magic Guard Psyshock Round Endure Dazzling Gleam
067.png Machoke No Guard Dynamic Punch Rock Tomb Payback Coaching
073.png Tentacruel Clear Body Water Pulse Hydro Pump Poison Jab Swords Dance
080.png Slowbro Own Tempo Expanding Force Psych Up Flamethrower Psyshock
082.png Magneton Analytic Electro Ball Flash Cannon Magnet Rise Light Screen
093.png Haunter Levitate Hex Hypnosis Dream Eater Energy Ball
099G.png Kingler
Hyper Cutter Crabhammer Wide Guard Dig Superpower
103.png Exeggutor Harvest Psycho Cut Solar Beam Stomping Tantrum Terrain Pulse
105.png Marowak Battle Armor Bonemerang Throat Chop Iron Head Screech
105A.png Marowak
Rock Head Flare Blitz Shadow Bone Will-O-Wisp Iron Head
106.png Hitmonlee Limber Close Combat Wide Guard Blaze Kick Low Sweep
107.png Hitmonchan Iron Fist Power-Up Punch Fire Punch Thunder Punch Ice Punch
108.png Lickitung Oblivious Round Blizzard Thunder Muddy Water
110.png Weezing Neutralizing Gas Clear Smog Heat Wave Sludge Bomb Dark Pulse
110A.png Weezing
Misty Surge Strange Steam Clear Smog Flamethrower Taunt
112.png Rhydon Rock Head Drill Run Smack Down Smart Strike Scary Face
113.png Chansey Healer Round Heal Pulse Helping Hand Light Screen
114.png Tangela Leaf Guard Power Whip Stun Spore Grassy Glide Body Slam
115.png Kangaskhan Early Bird Body Slam Sucker Punch Dig Outrage
117.png Seadra Sniper Scald Dragon Pulse Substitute Round
119.png Seaking Water Veil Waterfall Bounce Poison Jab Drill Run
121.png Starmie Analytic Power Gem Dazzling Gleam Psycho Cut Icy Wind
122.png Mr. Mime Filter Light Screen Reflect Helping Hand Psychic
122A.png Mr. Mime
Ice Body Light Screen Reflect Icy Wind Psychic
123.png Scyther Technician Fury Cutter Quick Attack Assurance Wing Attack
124.png Jynx Dry Skin Draining Kiss Lovely Kiss Ice Beam Round
125.png Electabuzz Vital Spirit Rising Voltage Electroweb Helping Hand Round
126.png Magmar Vital Spirit Fire Blast Burning Jealousy Clear Smog Round
128.png Tauros Anger Point Facade High Horsepower Close Combat Assurance
132.png Ditto Imposter Transform - - -
134.png Vaporeon Water Absorb Water Pulse Charm Weather Ball Haze
135.png Jolteon Volt Absorb Thunderbolt Swift Shadow Ball Helping Hand
136.png Flareon Flash Fire Burning Jealousy Shadow Ball Baby-Doll Eyes Last Resort
137.png Porygon Download Foul Play Ice Beam Thunderbolt Hyper Beam
148.png Dragonair Shed Skin Blizzard Breaking Swipe Scale Shot Thunder
164.png Noctowl Tinted Lens Echoed Voice Reflect Sky Attack Hypnosis
171.png Lanturn Volt Absorb Water Pulse Hydro Pump Thunderbolt Confuse Ray
176.png Togetic Serene Grace Life Dew Follow Me Play Rough Mystical Fire
178.png Xatu Magic Bounce Psychic Simple Beam Air Slash Confuse Ray
182.png Bellossom Healer Grassy Terrain Giga Drain Helping Hand Dazzling Gleam
185.png Sudowoodo Sturdy Stomping Tantrum Stone Edge Iron Defense Body Press
186.png Politoed Drizzle Liquidation Round Earth Power Helping Hand
195.png Quagsire Unaware Focus Blast Scald Toxic Amnesia
199.png Slowking Own Tempo Future Sight Nasty Plot Razor Shell Ice Punch
206.png Dunsparce Serene Grace Skitter Smack Dual Wingbeat Shadow Ball Ice Beam
211.png Qwilfish Intimidate Swords Dance Poison Jab Liquidation Steel Roller
215.png Sneasel Keen Eye Triple Axel Lash Out Throat Chop Snarl
221.png Piloswine Thick Fat Blizzard Rock Tomb Ice Shard Superpower
224.png Octillery Sniper Skitter Smack Flash Cannon Scald Acid Spray
226.png Mantine Water Absorb Air Slash Dive Wide Guard Water Pulse
227.png Skarmory Weak Armor Assurance Steel Wing X-Scissor Fly
237.png Hitmontop Intimidate Drill Run Triple Axel Brick Break Coaching
241.png Miltank Scrappy Mega Kick Milk Drink Thunder Wave Play Rough
253.png Grovyle Overgrow Grass Pledge Screech Brick Break Endure
254.png Sceptile Unburden Grass Pledge Breaking Swipe Leaf Storm X-Scissor
256.png Combusken Blaze Fire Pledge Focus Blast Feather Dance Low Sweep
257.png Blaziken Speed Boost Fire Pledge Blaze Kick Close Combat Coaching
259.png Marshtomp Torrent Water Pledge Waterfall Dig Ice Punch
260.png Swampert Damp Water Pledge Blizzard Earth Power Amnesia
264.png Linoone Pickup Slash Pin Missile Baby-Doll Eyes Shadow Ball
264A.png Linoone
Pickup Throat Chop Snarl Taunt Substitute
279.png Pelipper Drizzle Dual Wingbeat Weather Ball Wide Guard Quick Attack
291.png Ninjask Speed Boost Fury Cutter Substitute Mud-Slap Skitter Smack
295.png Exploud Scrappy Terrain Pulse Hyper Beam Focus Blast Blizzard
305.png Lairon Sturdy Steel Roller Iron Tail Rock Slide Metal Sound
310.png Manectric Lightning Rod Rising Voltage Swift Overheat Psychic Fangs
315.png Roselia Poison Point Leaf Storm Extrasensory Weather Ball Life Dew
319.png Sharpedo Speed Boost Aqua Jet Assurance Swagger Scale Shot
320.png Wailmer Water Veil Brine Steel Roller Bounce Endure
324.png Torkoal Drought Burning Jealousy Inferno Rapid Spin Smokescreen
330.png Flygon Levitate Steel Wing Dragon Claw Bug Buzz Mud-Slap
334.png Altaria Cloud Nine Dazzling Gleam Heat Wave Cotton Guard Dragon Pulse
340.png Whiscash Hydration Bounce Belch Muddy Water Zen Headbutt
342.png Crawdaunt Adaptability Lash Out Facade Muddy Water Swords Dance
344.png Claydol Levitate Trick Room Psychic Ancient Power Hyper Beam
346.png Cradily Suction Cups Energy Ball Ancient Power Gastro Acid Sludge Bomb
348.png Armaldo Battle Armor X-Scissor Smack Down Stomping Tantrum Sandstorm
356.png Dusclops Pressure Shadow Sneak Hex Gravity Skitter Smack
359.png Absol Pressure Blizzard Night Slash Slash Fire Blast
362.png Glalie Ice Body Steel Roller Crunch Ice Fang Fake Tears
364.png Sealeo Thick Fat Ice Beam Brine Dive Swagger
369.png Relicanth Rock Head Liquidation Head Smash Flail Scale Shot
375.png Metang Clear Body Meteor Mash Thunder Punch Psycho Cut Reflect
405.png Luxray Guts Facade Light Screen Rising Voltage Electric Terrain
416.png Vespiquen Pressure Attack Order Swagger Dual Wingbeat Revenge
421.png Cherrim Flower Gift Solar Beam Worry Seed Sunny Day Weather Ball
423B.png Gastrodon
East Sea
Sand Force Body Slam Skitter Smack Rock Tomb Waterfall
426.png Drifblim Aftermath Will-O-Wisp Psychic Tailwind Thunderbolt
428.png Lopunny Cute Charm Drain Punch Mega Kick Charm Bounce
435.png Skuntank Aftermath Lash Out Burning Jealousy Acid Spray Sucker Punch
437.png Bronzong Levitate Zen Headbutt Metal Sound Steel Roller Skill Swap
446.png Munchlax Thick Fat Thunder Punch Fire Punch Body Slam Gunk Shot
452.png Drapion Battle Armor Lash Out X-Scissor Acupressure Iron Tail
460.png Abomasnow Soundproof Avalanche Aurora Veil Round Grassy Glide
478.png Froslass Snow Cloak Triple Axel Frost Breath Aurora Veil Shadow Ball
479.png Rotom Levitate Electro Ball Will-O-Wisp Nasty Plot Hex
508.png Stoutland Scrappy Giga Impact Facade Round Baby-Doll Eyes
510.png Liepard Limber Assurance Play Rough Torment Screech
518.png Musharna Forewarn Expanding Force Psyshock Yawn Energy Ball
521.png Unfezant Big Pecks Dual Wingbeat Taunt Feather Dance Tailwind
525.png Boldore Sturdy Stone Edge Iron Defense Body Press Stomping Tantrum
528.png Swoobat Simple Simple Beam Speed Swap Psychic Air Slash
531.png Audino Healer Life Dew Draining Kiss Hyper Voice Flamethrower
533.png Gurdurr Guts Focus Punch Coaching Brick Break High Horsepower
536.png Palpitoad Swift Swim Echoed Voice Scald Earth Power Bounce
537.png Seismitoad Swift Swim Echoed Voice Supersonic Sludge Bomb Screech
545.png Scolipede Swarm Steel Roller Toxic Throat Chop Megahorn
547.png Whimsicott Prankster Hurricane Taunt Energy Ball Play Rough
549.png Lilligant Own Tempo Petal Dance Quiver Dance Light Screen Pollen Puff
550.png Basculin
Adaptability Liquidation Dive Psychic Fangs Ice Fang
550A.png Basculin
Adaptability Scald Dive Crunch Substitute
553.png Krookodile Anger Point Earth Power Swagger Darkest Lariat Sandstorm
556.png Maractus Storm Drain Leaf Storm Energy Ball Sucker Punch Acupressure
558.png Crustle Shell Armor Shell Smash X-Scissor Rock Smash Body Press
561.png Sigilyph Wonder Skin Psychic Rain Dance Air Slash Flash Cannon
563.png Cofagrigus Mummy Shadow Ball Haze Psychic Wonder Room
569G.png Garbodor
Aftermath Gunk Shot Sludge Bomb Drain Punch Venom Drench
573.png Cinccino Technician Echoed Voice Tail Slap Light Screen Triple Axel
583.png Vanillish Ice Body Mist Ice Beam Blizzard Hyper Voice
587.png Emolga Static Acrobatics Rising Voltage Endure Electroweb
589.png Escavalier Shell Armor Drill Run Razor Shell Fury Cutter Taunt
591.png Amoonguss Effect Spore Clear Smog Rage Powder Giga Drain Venoshock
593.png Jellicent Water Absorb Dazzling Gleam Dive Trick Room Icy Wind
596.png Galvantula Compound Eyes Thunder Bug Buzz Electro Ball Electroweb
600.png Klang Minus Charge Beam Rising Voltage Flash Cannon Power Gem
601.png Klinklang Plus Gear Grind Shift Gear Giga Impact Metal Sound
606.png Beheeyem Synchronize Expanding Force Meteor Beam Dark Pulse Round
608.png Lampent Flash Fire Burning Jealousy Skitter Smack Inferno Trick Room
611.png Fraxure Rivalry Giga Impact Outrage Breaking Swipe X-Scissor
614.png Beartic Slush Rush Body Press Blizzard Frost Breath Brine
615.png Cryogonal Levitate Blizzard Ice Beam Reflect Solar Beam
617.png Accelgor Hydration Struggle Bug Acid Spray Rain Dance Bug Buzz
618.png Stunfisk Static Electric Terrain Thunderbolt Earth Power Muddy Water
618A.png Stunfisk
Mimicry Metal Sound Terrain Pulse Foul Play Earth Power
620.png Mienshao Inner Focus Aura Sphere Wide Guard Rock Tomb Mega Kick
621.png Druddigon Sheer Force Lash Out Dual Wingbeat Iron Head Dig
623.png Golurk Iron Fist Focus Punch Shadow Punch Scorching Sands Safeguard
625.png Bisharp Inner Focus Night Slash Poison Jab Psycho Cut Metal Sound
626.png Bouffalant Sap Sipper Body Slam Lash Out Smart Strike Superpower
631.png Heatmor Flash Fire Fire Lash Overheat Sunny Day Solar Beam
632.png Durant Swarm Thunder Fang X-Scissor Metal Sound Metal Claw
660.png Diggersby Huge Power Stone Edge Stomping Tantrum Dig Quick Attack
663.png Talonflame Gale Wings Tailwind Hurricane Steel Wing Flamethrower
675.png Pangoro Iron Fist Bullet Punch Hammer Arm Darkest Lariat Coaching
680.png Doublade No Guard Iron Head Swords Dance Sacred Sword Aerial Ace
687.png Malamar Contrary Topsy-Turvy Expanding Force Night Slash Thunderbolt
689.png Barbaracle Tough Claws Razor Shell Blizzard Skull Bash Poison Jab
695.png Heliolisk Dry Skin Electro Ball Agility Round Mud-Slap
697.png Tyrantrum Strong Jaw Scale Shot Rock Blast Superpower Body Slam
699.png Aurorus Refrigerate Body Slam Thunder Ancient Power Thunder Wave
701.png Hawlucha Limber Taunt Poison Jab Throat Chop Low Sweep
702.png Dedenne Plus Entrainment Thunder Dazzling Gleam Substitute
707.png Klefki Prankster Light Screen Crafty Shield Flash Cannon Play Rough
709.png Trevenant Harvest Horn Leech Reflect Drain Punch Trick Room
711.png Gourgeist
Average Size
Pickup Mystical Fire Shadow Sneak Worry Seed Scary Face
737.png Charjabug Battery String Shot Eerie Impulse Spark Dig
738.png Vikavolt Levitate Spark Mud-Slap Poison Jab Bug Buzz
743.png Ribombee Sweet Veil Pollen Puff Draining Kiss Aromatherapy Fake Tears
745.png Lycanroc
Sand Rush Accelerock Stone Edge Round Howl
745Mn.png Lycanroc
No Guard Stone Edge Brick Break Taunt Crunch
750.png Mudsdale Own Tempo Lash Out Superpower Sand Tomb Rock Smash
752.png Araquanid Water Absorb Liquidation Entrainment Lunge Poison Jab
754.png Lurantis Contrary Leaf Storm Weather Ball X-Scissor Round
756.png Shiinotic Rain Dish Strength Sap Moonblast Rain Dance Weather Ball
758.png Salazzle Corrosion Toxic Flamethrower Cross Poison Venom Drench
760.png Bewear Klutz Double Edge Baby-Doll Eyes Payback Giga Impact
763.png Tsareena Queenly Majesty Aromatherapy Trop Kick Acrobatics Swagger
764.png Comfey Triage Floral Healing Draining Kiss After You Energy Ball
765.png Oranguru Symbiosis Instruct Light Screen Psychic Psyshock
766.png Passimian Receiver Brick Break Rock Tomb Substitute Acrobatics
770.png Palossand Sand Veil Terrain Pulse Scorching Sands Shore Up Shadow Ball
771.png Pyukumuku Innards Out Toxic Taunt Venom Drench Counter
777.png Togedemaru Sturdy Nuzzle Poison Jab Electroweb Iron Head
778.png Mimikyu Disguise Shadow Claw Slash Baby-Doll Eyes Curse
820.png Greedent Cheek Pouch Gyro Ball Psychic Fangs Swords Dance Body Slam
826G.png Orbeetle
Swarm After You Psychic Psybeam Struggle Bug
828.png Thievul Unburden Foul Play Snarl Taunt Burning Jealousy
830.png Eldegoss Effect Spore Light Screen Weather Ball Cotton Guard Leaf Storm
832.png Dubwool Fluffy Grassy Glide Mega Kick Body Press Substitute
834.png Drednaw Strong Jaw Razor Shell Skitter Smack Smart Strike Rock Slide
836.png Boltund Strong Jaw Rising Voltage Crunch Charm Helping Hand
838.png Carkol Flash Fire Overheat Fire Spin Reflect Rock Slide
839G.png Coalossal
Steam Engine Smokescreen Meteor Beam Flamethrower Scald
844G.png Sandaconda
Sand Spit Scorching Sands Scale Shot Skitter Smack Glare
845.png Cramorant Gulp Missile Dive Endure Amnesia Throat Chop
847.png Barraskewda Swift Swim Aqua Jet Scale Shot Assurance Endure
849G.png Toxtricity
Plus Rising Voltage Thunder Wave Hyper Voice Tearful Look
851G.png Centiskorch
White Smoke Flamethrower Scorching Sands Venoshock Slam
853.png Grapploct Limber Topsy-Turvy Drain Punch Muddy Water Focus Blast
855.png Polteageist
Weak Armor Aromatherapy Sucker Punch Psyshock Giga Drain
858G.png Hatterene
Anticipation Expanding Force Play Rough Life Dew Safeguard
861G.png Grimmsnarl
Prankster Power-Up Punch Dark Pulse Power Swap Confide
862.png Obstagoon Reckless Lash Out Thunderbolt Facade Screech
863.png Perrserker Steely Spirit Metal Claw Amnesia Lash Out Thunder
869G.png Alcremie
Aroma Veil Decorate Dazzling Gleam Mystical Fire Magical Leaf
870.png Falinks Battle Armor First Impression Swords Dance Smart Strike Brick Break
871.png Pincurchin Electric Surge Hydro Pump Thunder Acupressure Venom Drench
873.png Frosmoth Ice Scales Weather Ball Tailwind Struggle Bug Hurricane
876.png Indeedee Synchronize Mystical Fire Expanding Force Calm Mind Shadow Ball
877.png Morpeko Hunger Switch Aura Wheel Dark Pulse Thunderbolt Ice Fang
879.png Copperajah Sheer Force Iron Defense Body Press Flash Cannon Steel Roller
884G.png Duraludon
Light Metal Breaking Swipe Thunder Wave Iron Head Thunderbolt
886.png Drakloak Clear Body Dragon Rush Assurance Will-O-Wisp Shadow Ball

Final Pokémon

These Pokémon, consisting only of Legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts, can appear as the final Pokémon in the adventures. All of them are level 70.

List of final Pokémon
Pokémon Ver. Ability Moves
144.png Articuno SwSh Pressure Ice Beam Freeze-Dry Hurricane Mist
145.png Zapdos SwSh Pressure Thunder Drill Peck Brave Bird Agility
146.png Moltres SwSh Pressure Heat Wave Wing Attack Leer Fire Spin
150.png Mewtwo SwSh Pressure Psychic Disable Recover Blizzard
243.png Raikou SwSh Pressure Thunderbolt Howl Extreme Speed Weather Ball
244.png Entei SwSh Pressure Flamethrower Scary Face Extreme Speed Crunch
245.png Suicune SwSh Pressure Liquidation Extrasensory Extreme Speed Calm Mind
249.png Lugia Sh Pressure Dragon Pulse Extrasensory Whirlpool Ancient Power
250.png Ho-Oh Sw Pressure Flare Blitz Extrasensory Sunny Day Ancient Power
380.png Latias Sh Levitate Reflect Type Dragon Breath Zen Headbutt Surf
381.png Latios Sw Levitate Dragon Dance Dragon Pulse Zen Headbutt Aura Sphere
382.png Kyogre Sh Drizzle Surf Body Slam Aqua Ring Thunder
383.png Groudon Sw Drought Earthquake Scary Face Lava Plume Hammer Arm
384.png Rayquaza SwSh Air Lock Dragon Ascent Brutal Swing Extreme Speed Twister
480.png Uxie SwSh Levitate Psychic Future Sight Magic Room Shadow Ball
481.png Mesprit SwSh Levitate Charm Future Sight Draining Kiss Tri Attack
482.png Azelf SwSh Levitate Psychic Dazzling Gleam Nasty Plot Facade
483.png Dialga Sw Pressure Slash Ancient Power Flash Cannon Dragon Claw
484.png Palkia Sh Pressure Slash Surf Ancient Power Dragon Claw
485.png Heatran SwSh Flash Fire Metal Sound Lava Plume Crunch Iron Head
487.png Giratina
SwSh Pressure Dragon Claw Scary Face Shadow Ball Ancient Power
488.png Cresselia SwSh Levitate Icy Wind Moonblast Psycho Cut Psyshock
641.png Tornadus Sw Prankster Hurricane Agility Icy Wind Heat Wave
642.png Thundurus Sh Prankster Thunder Rain Dance Weather Ball Sludge Wave
643.png Reshiram Sw Turboblaze Noble Roar Extrasensory Fusion Flare Dragon Pulse
644.png Zekrom Sh Teravolt Noble Roar Slash Fusion Bolt Dragon Claw
645.png Landorus SwSh Sand Force Sand Tomb Rock Slide Bulldoze Focus Blast
646.png Kyurem SwSh Pressure Ice Beam Hyper Voice Shadow Ball Scary Face
716.png Xerneas Sw Fairy Aura Ingrain Dazzling Gleam Moonblast Horn Leech
717.png Yveltal Sh Dark Aura Taunt Oblivion Wing Dragon Rush Sucker Punch
718.png Zygarde
SwSh Power Construct Thousand Arrows Land's Wrath Dragon Pulse Bind
785.png Tapu Koko SwSh Electric Surge Thunderbolt Quick Attack Brave Bird Taunt
786.png Tapu Lele SwSh Psychic Surge Psychic Play Rough Magic Room Charm
787.png Tapu Bulu SwSh Grassy Surge Superpower Megahorn Wood Hammer Scary Face
788.png Tapu Fini SwSh Misty Surge Waterfall Water Pulse Brine Moonblast
791.png Solgaleo Sw Full Metal Body Zen Headbutt Fire Spin Iron Tail Noble Roar
792.png Lunala Sh Shadow Shield Shadow Ball Moonblast Magic Coat Swift
793.png Nihilego SwSh Beast Boost Wonder Room Sludge Wave Brutal Swing Acid Spray
794.png Buzzwole SwSh Beast Boost Power-Up Punch Taunt Leech Life Dynamic Punch
795.png Pheromosa SwSh Beast Boost High Jump Kick Swift Throat Chop Lunge
796.png Xurkitree SwSh Beast Boost Power Whip Discharge Eerie Impulse Brutal Swing
797.png Celesteela SwSh Beast Boost Leech Seed Smack Down Gyro Ball Earthquake
798.png Kartana SwSh Beast Boost Vacuum Wave Air Cutter Leaf Blade Swords Dance
799.png Guzzlord SwSh Beast Boost Dragon Rush Stomping Tantrum Brutal Swing Mega Punch
800.png Necrozma SwSh Prism Armor Psycho Cut Charge Beam Power Gem Autotomize
805.png Stakataka SwSh Beast Boost Rock Slide Double-Edge Brutal Swing Autotomize
806.png Blacephalon SwSh Beast Boost Shadow Claw Taunt Fire Blast Zen Headbutt