Dust clouds are a new feature introduced in Generation V alongside rustling grass, rippling water and flying Pokémon shadows. They can be found in several caves throughout Unova.

If you walk into a dust cloud, you'll either find a Gem, Evolutionary Stone, or encounter a rare Pokémon. Gems can only be found this way in Black and White, though some gems can be found on the ground in their sequels. They can also help out your Pokémon in battles by powering up their moves with the right gem.

List of Gems

Bug Gem Sprite
Bug Gem
Dark Gem Sprite
Dark Gem
Dragon Gem Sprite
Dragon Gem
Electric Gem Sprite
Electric Gem
Fighting Gem Sprite
Fighting Gem
Fire Gem Sprite
Fire Gem
Flying Gem Sprite
Flying Gem
Ghost Gem Sprite
Ghost Gem
Grass Gem Sprite
Grass Gem
Ground Gem Sprite
Ground Gem
Ice Gem Sprite
Ice Gem
Normal Gem Sprite
Normal Gem
Poison Gem Sprite
Poison Gem
Psychic Gem Sprite
Psychic Gem
Rock Gem Sprite
Rock Gem
Steel Gem Sprite
Steel Gem
Water Gem Sprite
Water Gem


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Location
#529 529 Type Ground Wellspring Cave, Chargestone Cave, Mistralton Cave, Twist Mountain
#530 Excadrill 530 Type GroundType Steel Challenger's Cave, Victory Road, Giant Chasm
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