The Dusk Factory (ヨナベこうじょう Yonabe Factory) is an old, abandoned factory in Fall City. It only operates from dusk till dawn, hence its name. The Dusk Factory is used by the Go-Rock Squad to manufacture their Power Stylers. The Go-Rock Quads also frequently use it for their band practices. It is reported to be haunted but it's just the Ghost-type Pokémon living there.


Dusk Factory Manufacturing

The Dusk Factory processing plant.

During the seventh Ranger mission, Investigate the Factory!, the player character accompanies Professor Hastings to infiltrate the Dusk Factory. The Dusk Factory is locked by a series of large boom gates, which can be opened by typing the password "6-0" into the interface. Patrolling the perimeter of the Dusk Factory are multiple Electrodes, which will explode when the player character is nearby. The Go-Rock Quads are also present within the Dusk Factory, but will leave to go to the Sekra Range facility.

Dusk Factory Pikachu

The Pikachu powering the generator.

When the player character and Hastings enter the main building, their aim will be to shut down the generator powering the Power Styler procession line. This section of the Factory is guarded by several Mr. Mimes. The generator is powered by two Pikachu trapped within separate steel cages, which the player character can break through with the assistance of a nearby Pinsir. After the cage is broken, the power will instantly short out.

Garret appears

Garret appears.

The player character will then proceed to find the secondary generator. And when the player character frees the Pikachu, Garret of the Go-Rock Quads will appear before the two. He instantly releases his Scizor, and after it is captured he will cede victory over to the player character and Hastings. Before leaving, Garret imparts that the Power Styler is nearly ready to their specifications. The player character and Hastings will then return to the Ranger Base.


This is a list of the wild Pokémon available at the Dusk Factory, with their corresponding PokéAssist and number of loops required for capture.

Sprite Pokémon PokéAssist Loops required Field Move
Gastly Ghost 5 N/A
Growlithe Fire 4 N/A
Haunter Ghost 6 N/A
Hypno Psychic 9 N/A
Machoke Fighting 8 Crushx1Crushx1
Magnemite Electric 2
Magneton Electric 3 Rechargex1Rechargex1
Makuhita Fighting 5 Tacklex1Tacklex1
Meowth Normal 5
Mr. Mime Psychic 8 N/A
Pinsir Bug 6 Cutx1Cutx1
Porygon Normal 3 N/A
Voltorb Electric 5
Wingull Water 3 N/A
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