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Dual Wingbeat
ダブルウイング Double Wing {{{ja_trans}}}
Dual Wingbeat VIII.png
Introduced: Generation VIII
Battle Data
Type: Type Flying.gif
Category: Type Physical.gif
Power: 10
Accuracy: 90%
PP: 40, max: {{{max_pp}}}
Priority: 0
Contact: Yes
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Magic Bounce: No
Bright Powder: No
Detect/Protect: Yes
Snatch: No
Mirror Move: Yes
King's Rock: Yes

Dual Wingbeat is a Flying-type move introduced in Generation VIII.


Games Description
SWSH The user slams the target with its wings. The target is hit twice in a row.



By Move Tutor

Pokémon Type Egg groups Games
006.png Charizard Fire/Flying Monster/Dragon SWSHIoA
012.png Butterfree Bug/Flying Bug SWSHIoA
035.png Clefairy Fairy Fairy SWSHIoA
036.png Clefable Fairy Fairy SWSHIoA
083.png Farfetch'd Normal/Flying Flying/Field SWSHIoA
083A.png Farfetch'd Fighting Flying/Field SWSHIoA
123.png Scyther Bug/Flying Bug SWSHIoA
142.png Aerodactyl Rock/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
144.png Articuno Ice/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
144A.png Articuno Psychic/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
145.png Zapdos Electric/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
145A.png Zapdos Fighting/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
146.png Moltres Fire/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
146A.png Moltres Dark/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
149.png Dragonite Dragon/Flying Water 1/Dragon SWSHIoA
151.png Mew Psychic Undiscovered SWSHIoA
163.png Hoothoot Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
164.png Noctowl Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
169.png Crobat Poison/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
176.png Togetic Fairy/Flying Flying/Fairy SWSHIoA
177.png Natu Psychic/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
178.png Xatu Psychic/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
206.png Dunsparce Normal Field SWSHIoA
212.png Scizor Bug/Steel Bug SWSHIoA
225.png Delibird Ice/Flying Water 1/Field SWSHIoA
226.png Mantine Water/Flying Water 1 SWSHIoA
227.png Skarmory Steel/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
249.png Lugia Psychic/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
250.png Ho-Oh Fire/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
251.png Celebi Psychic/Grass Undiscovered SWSHIoA
278.png Wingull Water/Flying Water 1/Flying SWSHIoA
279.png Pelipper Water/Flying Water 1/Flying SWSHIoA
291.png Ninjask Bug/Flying Bug SWSHIoA
329.png Vibrava Ground/Dragon Bug/Dragon SWSHIoA
330.png Flygon Ground/Dragon Bug/Dragon SWSHIoA
333.png Swablu Normal/Flying Flying/Dragon SWSHIoA
334.png Altaria Dragon/Flying Flying/Dragon SWSHIoA
373.png Salamence Dragon/Flying Dragon SWSHIoA
380.png Latias Dragon/Psychic Undiscovered SWSHIoA
381.png Latios Dragon/Psychic Undiscovered SWSHIoA
415.png Combee Bug/Flying Bug SWSHIoA
416.png Vespiquen Bug/Flying Bug SWSHIoA
468.png Togekiss Fairy/Flying Flying/Fairy SWSHIoA
484.png Palkia Water/Dragon Undiscovered SWSHIoA
487.png Giratina Ghost/Dragon Undiscovered SWSHIoA
519.png Pidove Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
520.png Tranquill Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
521.png Unfezant Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
527.png Woobat Psychic/Flying Field/Flying SWSHIoA
528.png Swoobat Psychic/Flying Field/Flying SWSHIoA
561.png Sigilyph Psychic/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
566.png Archen Rock/Flying Flying/Water 3 SWSHIoA
567.png Archeops Rock/Flying Flying/Water 3 SWSHIoA
587.png Emolga Electric/Flying Field SWSHIoA
621.png Druddigon Dragon Dragon/Monster SWSHIoA
627.png Rufflet Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
628.png Braviary Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
629.png Vullaby Dark/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
630.png Mandibuzz Dark/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
635.png Hydreigon Dark/Dragon Dragon SWSHIoA
637.png Volcarona Bug/Fire Bug SWSHIoA
643.png Reshiram Dragon/Fire Undiscovered SWSHIoA
644.png Zekrom Dragon/Electric Undiscovered SWSHIoA
646.png Kyurem Dragon/Ice Undiscovered SWSHIoA
646A.png Kyurem Dragon/Ice Undiscovered SWSHIoA
646B.png Kyurem Dragon/Ice Undiscovered SWSHIoA
661.png Fletchling Normal/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
662.png Fletchinder Fire/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
663.png Talonflame Fire/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
701.png Hawlucha Fighting/Flying Flying/Human-Like SWSHIoA
714.png Noibat Flying/Dragon Flying/Dragon SWSHIoA
715.png Noivern Flying/Dragon Flying/Dragon SWSHIoA
717.png Yveltal Dark/Flying Undiscovered SWSHIoA
722.png Rowlet Grass/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
723.png Dartrix Grass/Flying Flying SWSHIoA
724.png Decidueye Grass/Ghost Flying SWSHIoA
738.png Vikavolt Bug/Electric Bug SWSHIoA
742.png Cutiefly Bug/Fairy Bug/Fairy SWSHIoA
743.png Ribombee Bug/Fairy Bug/Fairy SWSHIoA
792.png Lunala Psychic/Ghost Undiscovered SWSHIoA
794.png Buzzwole Bug/Fighting Undiscovered SWSHIoA
804.png Naganadel Poison/Dragon Undiscovered SWSHIoA
821.png Rookidee Flying Flying SWSHIoA
822.png Corvisquire Flying Flying SWSHIoA
823.png Corviknight Flying/Steel Flying SWSHIoA
841.png Flapple Grass/Dragon Grass/Dragon SWSHIoA
845.png Cramorant Flying/Water Water 1/Flying SWSHIoA
865.png Sirfetch'd Fighting Flying/Field SWSHIoA
873.png Frosmoth Ice/Bug Bug SWSHIoA
Bold indicates that this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates that an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.