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This Roserade is a grass/poison-type Pokémon owned by Drew.


As Roselia

When Drew faced Solidad in one of their first battles, he lost to her. The defeat caused Drew and Roselia to cry out of sadness.[1]

Roselia's Magical Leaf and May's Beautifly's Silver Wind colliding.

To battle for the Bluk Berry, Drew sent Roselia against May's Beautifly. Beautifly tried to attack Roselia, but was knocked down by Roselia's Petal Dance and Stun Spore attacks. Roselia attempted to defeat Beautifly with Magical Leaf, but May gained confidence; Beautifly stood up and countered the attack with Silver Wind, surprising Drew. Just then, Team Rocket stole the Bluk Berry. The heroes went after them, but Team Rocket used a device to absorb electricity. Drew had Roselia use Solar Beam to destroy the device and repeated the attack, along with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, to blast Team Rocket away. During the end of the day, Drew and Roselia watched the fireworks in Slateport City.[2] Some days after, May remembered Drew and Roselia, wanting to face against them in the upcoming Contest.[3]

Drew sent Roselia in Slateport City's Pokémon Contest. There, Roselia started with Petal Dance, then used Magical Leaf and Stun Spore combo to dazzle the audience. Roselia disappeared in its Petal Dance, only to cut the petals with Magical Leaf. This stunned the judges, who gave Drew and Roselia 29.4 points. Afterwards, Roselia battled in a Contest Battle against May's Beautifly. Beautifly tried to gust away Roselia's Magical Leaf, but due to it being an unmissable move, Beautifly got hit. Roselia emitted Stun Spore, so Beautifly tried to use String Shot, but the string was cut by Magical Leaf, causing May to lose even more points during the battle. Beautifly attempted to attack with Silver Wind, but was countered by Petal Dance. Roselia managed to launch Solar Beam, countering String Shot and defeating Beautifly, causing Drew to pass the round. However, May watched from the screen as Drew and Roselia were struggling with Robert and his Milotic. Roselia was hit by Milotic's Iron Tail and used Magical Leaf, but was countered by Milotic's Twister. This ended the Contest Battle, causing Drew to lose.[4]

While battling Victoria of the Winstrate family, May saw Roselia and immediately remembered Drew and his Roselia. This fueled her anger and managed to defeat Victoria.[5] Ash, who was called by Drew as a coward for not entering the Contest in Fallarbor Town, challenged Drew to a battle, sending Taillow against Drew's Roselia. Taillow started off with Quick Attack, damaging Roselia and evading its Magical Leaf attack. Roselia launched Petal Dance attack, but missed. Taillow attempted to use Peck, but Roselia spouted out Stun Spore, which negated Taillow's attack. Using Solar Beam, Drew's Roselia defeated Ash's Taillow.[6] During the Contest in Fallarbor Town, Drew managed to win the first round of the Contest by having Roselia use Petal Dance to dazzle the judges.

Roselia suffers a defeat from the Phantom's Dusclops.

In the next round, Drew battled Grace and Medicham. Roselia started off with Magical Leaf, but Medicham's Meditate allowed it to dodge the attack. Medicham retaliated with Ice Punch, but missed. Roselia tried to attack with Petal Dance, though Medicham used its psychic powers to redirect the attack back to Roselia. Roselia launched Solar Beam, but Medicham started using Ice Punch on the ground, causing the icy pillars to redirect the attack back to Roselia. With High Jump Kick, Medicham defeated Roselia.[7] During his stay at Verdanturf Town, Drew was challenged by the Phantom. Roselia struggled to battle the Phantom's Dusclops, who used Shadow Punch and Will-O'-Wisp, which defeated Roselia. The Phantom left, while Drew took Roselia to the Pokémon Center. The heroes visited Drew, who showed Roselia was too wounded and couldn't recover in time for the Verdanturf Town's Contest.[8]

Once the heroes arrived in Rubello Town, they met up with Drew. Drew, however, was approached by his fans, from which one showed a picture of him and Roselia.[9] During the first round of the Contest, Drew sent Roselia, who used Petal Dance, until Drew snapped his fingers. This dazzled the judges and the audience, including May.[10] On Mirage Island, Drew sent Roselia to battle Team Rocket. Roselia launched Magical Leaf but Seviper's Poison Tail negated the attack. Next, Roselia used Petal Dance, which freed May, who joined in the battle.[11] Before arriving to Slateport City for May's Grand Festival, she and Ash remembered their past adventures so far. May recalled facing Drew in her first Contest, who sent Roselia. Roselia affected Beautifly with Stun Spore. Beautifly tried to use String Shot, but was cut by Roselia's Magical Leaf. Beautifly repeated String Shot, but was defeated by Roselia's Solar Beam.[12]

Drew and Roselia arrived to Slateport City, where they met up with May and others. During the preliminary round, Drew had Roselia use Petal Dance, and scored 95 points, which was enough points to qualify for the next round.[13] The next day, Drew was training Roselia and Masquerain, but he overheard Harley talking to May.[14] Roselia fought alongside Drew's Flygon against May's Skitty and Combusken in the Hoenn Grand Festival's semi-finals. Roselia used Petal Dance to attack Skitty and Combusken, though the latter's Fire Spin countered that attack. However, this let Flygon fly up and evade Combusken's Sky Uppercut. Roselia fired Solar Beam, along with Flygon's Flamethrower, but both attacks were stopped by Combusken's Fire Spin. Combusken went to use another Fire Spin, but was stopped by Flygon's Sandstorm.

Roselia, however, went atop of Flygon to dodge Skitty's Blizzard. Next, Skitty went to use Assist, which turned into Vine Whip. Despite missing, May used this opportunity to have Combusken leap up to reach Flygon. While Roselia used Petal Dance, it was countered by Skitty's Blizzard. Combusken, however, let itself get hit by Flamethrower, and used Sky Uppercut to strike Flygon down, knocking it to the ground. May went to make her final charge, but her Pokémon were stopped by Roselia's Stun Spore and were stuck down by Flygon's Steel Wing. As time was up, May lost many points to Drew and lost the battle. After the Grand Festival was over, Drew started his training, and had Roselia use Petal Dance on his Masquerain.[15]

While Drew came to Chrysanthemum Island with his Roselia, he did not plan on enter the Contest, but to relax a bit.[16] Drew and Roselia went to check up on May, but hearing her friends supporting her, the two left.[17] When Ash's Aipom was causing trouble, Drew had Roselia use Petal Dance to stop it.[1] Roselia, along with Masquerain, battled a Coordinator's Loudred and Medicham in the following round, earning Drew another victory.[18]

Drew sent Butterfree and Roselia to battle May in a Contest battle, to convince her to train for Contests once more. Combusken used Fire Spin, but was halted by Butterfree's Psychic. Roselia used Petal Dance to counter, while Butterfree redirected the attack back at Combusken with Psychic. Roselia then fired Magical Leaf, and Butterfree's Gust halted Combusken from attacking them. Combusken was knocked onto Beautifly, so the two stood up to attack Butterfree. The latter's Psybeam attempted to strike the duo, but missed. Combusken attempted to use Sky Uppercut, but Butterfree's Silver Wind and Roselia's Petal Dance fused together, striking both of May's Pokémon. Combusken fired an Overheat, but was deflected by Butterfree's Protect. In the end, Roselia's Solar Beam and Butterfree's Psybeam defeated May's Beautifly and Combusken.[19]

As Roserade

At some point during Drew's travels in Johto, Roselia evolved into Roserade. It was using Mega Drain against one of May's Pokémon during their Contest performances.[20] It also appeared along with Drew, Harley and Solidad watching May in the Wallace Cup.[21]

Known moves

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