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This Flygon is a Ground/Dragon-type Pokémon owned by Drew, it is also one of Drew's most powerful Pokémon.


Before the Hoenn Grand Festival tournament began, Drew trained his Flygon that he kept a secret, just for the occasion that he could face May in one of the rounds.

Flygon fought alongside Drew's Roselia against May's Skitty and Combusken in the Hoenn Grand Festival's semi-finals. Roselia used Petal Dance to attack Skitty and Combusken, though the latter's Fire Spin countered that attack. However, this let Flygon fly up and evade Combusken's Sky Uppercut. Roselia fired Solar Beam, along with Flygon's Flamethrower, but both attacks were stopped by Combusken's Fire Spin. Combusken went to use another Fire Spin, but was stopped by Flygon's Sandstorm. Roselia, however, went atop of Flygon to dodge Skitty's Blizzard. Next, Skitty went to use Assist, which turned into Vine Whip.

Despite missing, May used this opportunity to have Combusken leap up to reach Flygon. While Roselia used Petal Dance, it was countered by Skitty's Blizzard. Combusken, however, let itself get hit by Flamethrower, and used Sky Uppercut to strike Flygon down, knocking it to the ground. May went to make her final charge, but her Pokémon were stopped by Roselia's Stun Spore and were stuck down by Flygon's Steel Wing. As time was up, May lost many points to Drew and lost the battle. Later, Drew faced Robert in the Grand Festival. However, Robert's Milotic's Twister and Claydol's Hyper Beam quickly defeated his Masquerain and Flygon.[1]

Flygon also appeared when Drew was attempting to capture an Arcanine: Flygon fired Flamethrower to hit Arcanine, but missed. Arcanine then used Heat Wave, distacting Flygon, allowing it to escape with Extreme Speed. Later, when May wanted to catch Arcanine, Drew came and distracted her. This made her use Squirtle to attack Flygon with Tackle, to which Flygon flew off to use Steel Wing. Squirtle fired Bubble, but missed and got hit by Flygon. As Team Rocket attempted to catch Arcanine and its Growlithe puppies, Drew had Flygon use Steel Wing to pierce their balloon and free the captured Pokémon.

Jessie and James had Dustox and Cacnea attack, the former firing Poison Sting, but was countered by Flygon's Flamethrower. As Cancea used Sandstorm to sweep Squirtle away, Flygon stood firmly on the ground and caught Squirtle. Using Steel Wing, Flygon pushed Dustox and Seviper into the balloon and blasted Team Rocket away with a Flamethrower, along with Squirtle's Water Gun.[2] As Team Rocket captured Brock, Max and Ash, to prevent them from interfering with their sabotage of May's performance in the Contest, they had the cage fly up in mid-air. Drew had Flygon use Sandstorm to pull the cage down, and fire Flamethrower to free them.[3]

Flygon was also used in the Kanto Grand Festival, along with Drew's Absol where it battled Combusken and Squirtle in the Double Battle. As Squirtle spinned around, Flygon emitted a Sandstorm. However, May counted on that, so Combusken jumped across Squirtle and used Mega Kick to hit Flygon, but was stopped by Absol's Flash. Absol then used Iron Tail to strike Combusken, to which May had Squirtle emit Bubble and Combusken to use Sky Uppercut.[4] Surrounded by bubbles, Combusken went to use Sky Uppercut, but Flygon dodged and Absol fired Razor Wind at it and Squirtle, knocking them down. Flygon fired a Flamethrower, which Combusken used Fire Spin, causing both sides to get hit.

Absol went on Flygon's back, and the two combined Razor Wind and Dragon Breath attacks to strike at Squirtle and Flygon. Flygon and Absol switched sides as they went to use Steel Wing and Iron Tail next, to which Squirtle's Bubble and Combusken's Fire Spin negated their combo attack. Absol used Flash to blind Combusken, whereas Squirtle withdrew in its shell. Squirtle spinned around, provoking Flygon to use Steel Wing on it, but without effect. Combusken fired Fire Spin on Flygon, who countered with Flamethrower. Due to the two sides being evently matched, Squirtle fired Ice Beam to defeat Flygon.[5]

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