This Butterfree is a bug/flying-type Pokémon of Drew's team.


Drew sent Butterfree and Roselia to battle May in a Contest battle, to convince her to train for Contests once more. Combusken used Fire Spin, but was halted by Butterfree's Psychic. Roselia used Petal Dance to counter, while Butterfree redirected the attack back at Combusken with Psychic. Roselia then fired Magical Leaf, and Butterfree's Gust halted Combusken from attacking them. Combusken was knocked onto Beautifly, so the two stood up to attack Butterfree. The latter's Psybeam attempted to strike the duo, but missed. Combusken attempted to use Sky Uppercut, but Butterfree's Silver Wind and Roselia's Petal Dance fused together, striking both of May's Pokémon. Combusken fired an Overheat, but was deflected by Butterfree's Protect. In the end, Roselia's Solar Beam and Butterfree's Psybeam defeated May's Beautifly and Combusken.[1]

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