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This Absol is a dark-type Pokémon that Drew caught for the Kanto Grand Festival.


Absol was used in the Kanto Grand Festival, for dazzling performances.[1] Absol used Flash to dazzle the audience, followed with a Water Pulse to create a waterfall. It finished off with Razor Wind, thus letting Drew advance to the next round. Drew later trained Absol, as he was unhappy that it was not strong enough. Absol used Razor Wind, nearly hitting Drew, who was annoyed, as its Razor Wind in the appeal round was not good enough for him. He called Absol back and walked away, ignoring May, who stated that Absol was doing its best.

Absol was also used in the Kanto Grand Festival, along with Drew's Flygon where it battled Combusken and Squirtle in the Double Battle. As Squirtle spinned around, Flygon emitted a Sandstorm. However, May counted on that, so Combusken jumped across Squirtle and used Mega Kick to hit Flygon, but was stopped by Absol's Flash. Absol then used Iron Tail to strike Combusken, to which May had Squirtle emit Bubble and Combusken to use Sky Uppercut.[2] Surrounded by bubbles, Combusken went to use Sky Uppercut, but Flygon dodged and Absol fired Razor Wind at it and Squirtle, knocking them down. Flygon fired a Flamethrower, which Combusken used Fire Spin, causing both sides to get hit.

Absol went on Flygon's back, and the two combined Razor Wind and Dragon Breath attacks to strike at Squirtle and Flygon. Flygon and Absol switched sides as they went to use Steel Wing and Iron Tail next, to which Squirtle's Bubble and Combusken's Fire Spin negated their combo attack. Absol used Flash to blind Combusken, whereas Squirtle withdrew in its shell. Squirtle spinned around, provoking Flygon to use Steel Wing on it, but without effect. Combusken fired Fire Spin on Flygon, who countered with Flamethrower. Due to the two sides being evently matched, Squirtle fired Ice Beam to defeat Flygon. Absol used Iron Tail to strike Squirtle and defeat it as well.

Combusken used Mega Kick, while Absol used Iron Tail, which exchanged blows between the two Pokémon. Absol fired Razor Wind to hit Combusken, and Water Pulse to protect itself from its Fire Spin and strike Combusken. At this point, Combusken glew with a red aura, and fired Overheat to strike at Absol, countering its Razor Wind. Combusken repeated its attack, but Absol's Water Pulse protected it from harm. Absol then used Flash to blind Combusken, but the latter still managed to fire Overheat and hit Absol. The latter retaliated with Razor Wind, striking at Combusken, preventing it from dodging. Absol then fired Water Pulse, which Combusken failted to counter with Overheat and got struck. Combusken did manage to beat Absol with Sky Uppercut before it could use Iron Tail. As time was up, May lost less points in this battle and won the round.[3]

Known moves