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Drew is a character appearing in the anime series. He is a citizen of LaRousse City and a friend/rival of May.


Drew is a mid-sized boy, who has green eyes and green hair (much like Roselia, who is his ace Pokémon). Drew wears a black long-sleeved shirt, a purple jacket, a pair of teal trousers and black shoes.


Drew is portrayed as being a confident, critical and determined guy, although he isn't as overly insulting as Gary was. Even though May and Drew remain rivals throughout the series, he becomes less insulting towards her and rather becomes more kind and friendly as time goes on.

His signature greeting is flicking his hair in a charming manner and he can usually be seen with a rose in his hand.


When Drew faced Solidad in one of their first Contests, he lost to her when time ran out. The defeat caused Drew and Roselia to cry out of sadness. Regardless, Drew learned much from that and continued to battle Solidad in future encounters.[1]

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Drew appearing from the rocky area.

May and her friends met Drew while she practiced with her Beautifly on a beach near Slateport City. Drew claimed May and Beautifly were very inexperienced and nothing compared to him, which angered May at how he insulted her Beautifly. Drew ignored her and passed on. Once May had Beautifly save Torchic (who fell down, after trying to find a Bluk Berry), Drew took the berry, but promised to give it back should May defeat him in a battle. May sent Beautifly against Drew's Roselia. Drew gained the upper hand, having Roselia use flashy moves, which hit May's Beautifly. However, May gained confidence and Beautifly used Silver Wind against Drew's Roselia's Magical Leaf, stopping the attack. Just then, Team Rocket appeared and stole the berry, but Drew and Ash defeated Team Rocket. Drew allowed May to take the berry and left. During the night, Drew and Roselia watched the fireworks.[2] A few days before the Contest, May had thought of Drew and her battle against him, then went off with her Beautifly for training.[3]

Drew gives a rose, intended to May's Beautifly for its performance.

Drew came to Slateport City's Contest and was overhearing what May was planning on doing. In the first round, Drew had Roselia use stunning moves, using Magical Leaf to cut the Petal Dance and leave glitter around the stage. This amazed May, even the judges, who gave Drew 29.4 points. Drew watched May's performance in the first round. Despite some mistakes, Drew was impressed and, after May came back to the locker room, Drew gave a red rose, claiming it was for Beautifly, since May "still has a lot to learn", which angered May. Afterwards, Drew battled May in the Contest Battle, in which he sent Roselia against May's Beautifly. Roselia managed to counter Beautifly's moves, causing May to lose a lot of points. Roselia managed to counter Beautifly's Silver Wind with Petal Dance and deflect String Shot with Solar Beam, an attack, which defeated Beautifly. Drew went on to the next round, where he fought against Robert and Milotic, but was defeated. Drew exited the Contest Hall, but May met up with him, with both Coordinators promising to get stronger and departed away.[4]

Drew sniffs his rose.

While battling Victoria of the Winstrate family, May saw Roselia and immediately remembered Drew and his Roselia. This fueled her anger and managed to defeat Victoria.[5] Seeing May practice, Drew approached May and showed three ribbons he obtained. This made May upset, especially when Drew told her she won't have much chances against experienced Coordinators. He met up with Brock, Max and Ash, the latter confirming they came here to support May in the Contest. Drew saw that as cowardice, which infuriated Ash, so Drew challenged him to a battle. Ash's Taillow managed to evade Roselia's attacks and when it attempted to hit Roselia, it got defeated by Stun Spore and Solar Beam combination. Drew pointed out both the trainer and the Pokémon were confused, since Ash and Taillow were not on the same wavelength.[6]

Drew participated in Fallarbor Town's Contest, where his Roselia managed to score 29.6 points in the first round. Along with May and Grace, Drew watched the other performances and was not pleased how Jessica portrayed herself, rather than her own Dustox. Regardless, Drew battled Grace in the second round. While Roselia tried to launch the attacks, Medicham either dodged the attacks or redirected them. Once Medicham used Ice Punch to form pillars, which redirected Solar Beam attack back to Roselia, Medicham used High Jump Kick, which defeated Roselia, eliminating Drew from the Contest. After May won the Contest, Drew gave a rose to her, even if May knew the rose was just meant for her Beautifly.[7]

Drew leaves, since he got defeated in his last battle.

Drew came to Verdanturf town, where he was being challenged by a mysterious person, known as the Phantom. The Phantom's Dusclops managed to easily knock Drew's Roselia out. The Phantom, before disappearing, claimed he would've won if that was a real Contest battle. Drew came to the Pokémon Center, where he gave Nurse Joy Roselia to take care of. The heroes arrived and May was certain Drew was going to enter the Contest. Drew denied, showing his Roselia got badly wounded and could not recover for the Contest. Instead, Drew left, warning them of the Phantom.[8] Drew watched the Contest and was surprised how May used new combinations, seeing how she had grown up. May managed to defeat the Phantom and win her second ribbon, though Drew commented how she got lucky this time.[9]

The heroes arrived to Rubello Town's Pokémon Center, where May wondered about the R1 Contest. Drew approached her, stating he wasn't surprised May did not know about that, claiming May just stumbles in a Contest after another. May was furious and tried to reply, but Drew got surrounded by fans, who watched his performances. Some tried to ask for an autograph, but Drew declined, making the fans amazed by his coolness. Later on, May watched how Drew trained with his Masquerain. Drew knew she was there and asked for her to approach, seeing she obtained a Bulbasaur. May admitted Drew refined his training, as Drew knew Masquerain was a good Pokémon to enter the Contest with. Seeing Bulbasaur ignoring May, Drew wondered if they lacked discipline. May was angry and claimed she'll enter the Contest with Bulbasaur, then ran off, which made Drew smile.[10]

Drew and May encounter a Wynaut, who saved their lives.

Drew was training on an island with his Masquerain. The heroes approached him, who told them he wanted to use the Silver Wind technique Masquerain was training for the Grand Festival. May showed her four ribbons, but much to everyone's shock, Drew showed all five ribbons. He noted May should hurry up and go to the Pacifidlog Town's Contest, since that is the last Contest held before the Grand Festival. May claimed she would win the Contest and was angry Drew called her clueless. Thus, May sent Beautifly to battle Drew's Masquerain, as both fired Silver Wind attacks. Team Rocket appeared and snatched both Pokémon, but, by accident, they took the heroes and Drew into the submarine, which was blasted off in a whirlpool.

Later, Drew was with May, as they both encountered a man named Roderick, who claimed they were on Mirage Island. Drew realized it was the famous island, where the Liechi Berries could be found. May was amazed, though Drew claimed she knew nothing about the island, nor the Liechi Berries. Both of them introduced themselves to the man, whose name was Roderick, who took them around the island. Eventually, Drew found some berries and just as he went to pick them up, he fell down. May grabbed his hand, so Roderick sent Bellsprout to use Vine Whip to grab them. However, May's hand slipped off and she and Drew fell in the river. Drew was unconscious, while he and May nearly fell down a waterfall, though strange Pokémon helped them out.

Once Drew woke up, May showed they were rescued by a bunch of Wynaut, who held their own "party". They invited Drew, but he refused and watched how May had fun. Suddenly, Team Rocket appeared and snatched the Liechi Berries, and even captured May. Drew went after them, with Wynaut bonding their hands for Drew to slide down and follow Team Rocket. After finding May, Drew had his Roselia battle Seviper and free May with Petal Dance, while Ash, Brock, Max and Roderick joined in. He also sent Masquerain, who joined forces with May's Beautifly, who blasted Team Rocket away. Later, Drew sailed off with the heroes. Just as May commented the Wynaut made her kinder, Drew commented how he would see about that by defeating her in battle, enraging her even more.[11]

Before the Grand Festival tournament began, Drew trained his Flygon that he kept a secret, just for the occasion that he could face May in one of the rounds.[12] Before arriving to Slateport City for May's Grand Festival, she and Ash remembered their past adventures so far. May recalled her first Contest, in which Drew was participating. May recalled she passed the round and faced Drew, who used Roselia. Beautifly fought valiantly, but Drew's Roselia defeated it. She also remembered Drew watching her in the fourth Contest, where May faced Savannah.[13] Drew arrived with Roselia to Slateport City, where he encountered May and others. May visited him, and pointed out that she had qualified herself to enter the Grand Festival. Drew admitted he had doubts whether she would even make it. May wanted to force him to admit she was as good trainer as he was.

Drew gave her a rose, and stated while he was inspired by her motivation, he claimed that alone was not what earned victory. May got riled up, and before she could continue, she got visited by Harley. Harley tried to befriend May, despite his past incidents, and assumed that she had something with Drew, considering he gave her the rose. May started to blush, while Drew walked away. Drew, however, had his doubts over Harley's intentions, and when the latter suggested to May to simply use Beautifly's Silver Wind, Drew claimed that strategy had no depth and shouldn't be used. Harley dismayed him, stating he was just jealous. Drew ignored him, but continued to keep a close eye on him. During the preliminary round, his Roselia scored 95 points, enough to enter the tournament. When he returned to the waiting room, Harley waved to him, but Drew shrugged him off.[14]

Drew was tending to his Pokémon when he continued to overhear the conversation between May and Harley. As Harley continued to advise May to simply have Skitty use Assist in the next round, Drew commented that was a strategy with a high risk. Later, he, along with May, was among the Coordinators waiting to be called to the stage, and wondered how much effort they had to put to pass the round. When Harley started to gloat about sabotaging May, whose Skitty became confused, Drew confronted him on that. Drew pointed out Harley wasn't May's friend, to which he stated it was just "competition". When May returned to the waiting room, Drew unveiled the news to her that Harley was trying to foil her success. May became angry at Harley, who stated that she shouldn't have relied on the advice of other people, a statement Drew agreed with.

On the stage, Drew sent Masquerain, whose combination of Hidden Power, Bubble and Silver Wind earned him a perfect score, and successfully passed to the second round. May, however, realized that Drew was listening to his Pokémon, which made him a great Coordinator.[15] Drew watched the battle between May and Harley. After the latter lost, Drew smiled as he passed him by. Harley commented that Drew was happy that he had lost. Drew replied that May was just better that day, but Harley doubted his words. In the next round, May, much to her surprise, faced Drew. Drew sent Roselia, and a Flygon that he had kept secret, while May sent Combusken and Skitty. The latter two focused their attacks on Flygon, who flew up to evade their attacks, and retaliated with Roselia.

May had Combusken use Fire Spin to counter his offense, which surprised Drew for a bit. Nevertheless, May had Combusken leap up to strike Flygon, whereas Skitty used Blizzard to prevent Roselia from foiling her strategy. She succeeded in taking Flygon down, but Drew made his comeback when his Roselia used Stun Spore to slow them down. With a Steel Wing, Flygon attacked Combusken and Skitty, thus depleting May from all of her points. Drew advanced to the semifinals, but in the battle against Robert, he got trashed by his Milotic's Twister and Claydol's Hyper Beam. Drew was overwhelmed, but respected Robert's strength. At the award ceremony, May admitted she felt bad for seeing Drew losing, but he was fine with that, since there was always someone stronger than them.

At evening, despite the closing party, Drew was training his Pokémon. May visited him, surprised that he was not relaxing. Drew explained that he was training for the next Grand Festival, and added that Robert, the new Top Coordinator, was training as well. Drew explained that he started to think of which moves to use next year, and walked away, bidding May farewell, who was left stunned.[12] Over time, Drew encountered Solidad and told her about his greatest rival, May, whom he started to appreciate.[1] Eventually, Drew came to Kanto, and the heroes found him having Flygon attack a wild Arcanine, in hopes to capture it. However, Arcanine retreated, to which May asked him if he came to participate in the Grand Festival. Drew insulted her, claiming she was an amateur, as he showed his first ribbon, then ran off to find Arcanine.

He later found May battling Arcanine, but she got distracted and let Arcanine flee. May was angry at Drew, and had Squirtle attack his Flygon, who quickly overpowered it. Instead, Drew showed on the top of the mountain that a number of Growlithe were seen, who were actually Arcanine's children. As Team Rocket came to capture Arcanine and Growlithe, Drew teamed up with May, using his Flygon to defeat them and rescue Growlithe and Arcanine. In the end, Drew decided not to catch Arcanine, for he would not separate it from its family. Instead, he aimed to capture a different Pokémon, and let May know that she could participate in Saffron City's Contest.[16]

Seeing Ash train his newly evolved Sceptile, Drew approached him, commenting that he had to take Sceptile's view in the training. May immediately promised to beat Drew in Chrysanthemum Island Contest, but Drew admitted he came to relax, instead of participate. Finding Brianna, who was Drew's fan, May introduced her to Drew. Brianna explained she became a Coordinator, watching Drew in action. Drew was happy about this appreciation, but walked away. After the Contest was over, Drew, along with others, went to congratulate May for her victory. He claimed May was lucky that her Combusken learned Mega Kick, then turned to Brianna, having confidence in her to have her Vibrava evolve into a Flygon someday. As Drew noted May needed two more Ribbons to enter the Grand Festival, May asked him how much he had, but Drew remained silent and walked away.[17] Drew came to Mulberry City's Contest, but only to watch the performances.[18]

As Drew continued to watch, he noticed that Team Rocket, disguised, fooled Ash, Brock and Max into leaving. The three were captured in a cage, bound to a flying balloon, to which Drew had Flygon pull them down and rescue them. However, they fell in a hole (bound by steel bars), and heard from James and Meowth that they have been working with Harley. As Brock's Forretress destroyed the bars, the group went to confront Harley, who was with James and Meowth. Harley simply defended himself that he lent his Pokémon, which wasn't against the rules, and asked of Drew to stay out of his way. Drew replied the same to Harley, who walked away. The heroes thanked Drew for rescuing them, to which he simply replied that he helped them because they cheered May on. At the end of the day, when May won the final Ribbon, she met up with Drew, and heard of his confrontation with Harley. May nevertheless promised to encounter Harley at the Grand Festival, located at the Indigo Plateau, to which Drew bid her farewell as he walked away.[19]

At the Indigo Plateau, where the Grand Festival was held, Drew noticed a mischievous Aipom. He had his Roselia stop it by using Petal Dance. The heroes thanked him for stopping Aipom, to which Drew claimed they should feel relaxed. Solidad arrived, mentioning that Drew was nervous back in his younger days. The two knew each other from before, and Drew wanted to see her Pokémon. He left, though he mentioned to May that she was a tough opponent. The next day, during the appeals round, Drew came to May, remarking Solidad's Lapras, who was her primary Pokémon.

May mentioned that Solidad told him about Drew crying after being defeated. Drew at first thought that May was trying to make him feel bad, but admitted that he had been feeling nervous back then. At his turn, Drew sent Masquerain to use Silver Wind, earning him the victory in that round. The next day, Drew went to face a Coordinator, sending an Absol to battle them.[1] In the next round, he had Absol use Flash and Water Pulse, followed with Razor Wind, to win the round. Seeing May's performance, Drew stormed out, unhappy with Absol's performance, and went to train it hard. May and Solidad saw Drew's outburst, as Drew claimed Absol's moves were not synced. May claimed that Absol did its best, but Drew angrily responded that its best was not good enough and left. Solidad mentioned to May that her performance must've shocked Drew, as his performance was lacking compared to hers.

Drew defeated another Coordinator, and advanced to the next round, where his opponent was May. May used Squirtle and Combusken against his Flygon and Absol. May predicted that his Flygon would use Sandstorm, and was why her Combusken leapt across Squirtle to use Mega Kick, but was countered by Absol's Flash. Regardless, she continued the Double Battle against Drew.[20] Drew was counting on speed as his Flygon attacked Combusken, but so did Combusken strike Flygon with Fire Spin. Absol and Flygon combined their Razor Wind and Dragon Breath to strike Combusken and Squirtle, to which May answered with a combo of her own: Squirtle's Bubble fused with Combusken's Fire Spin. Absol managed to distract Combusken with Flash, and as Flygon used Steel Wing, it attacked Squirtle, who didn't take damage as it withdrew into its own shell.

Flygon countered Combusken's Fire Spin with Razor Wind, which let Squirtle use Ice Beam to defeat Flygon. However, Absol used Iron Tail and quickly defeated Squirtle, causing both sides to continue the battle with one Pokémon each. Absol fired a Water Pulse to strike Combusken, who started to glow with a red aura. Combusken learned Overheat, and used it to bypass Absol's Razor Wind and strike it. Absol used its Water Pulse as a shield to defend itself, but as Combusken repeated its Overheat attack, the power diminished. Absol went to use Iron Tail but was struck with Sky Uppercut.

As time ran out, much to her surprise, May won the battle. Drew smiled, and congratulated May on her victory. However, May was to face Solidad next, so Drew reminded her that she couldn't win the next battle with force alone. Drew was with May, watching the closing ceremony of the Grand Festival. At the end of the Grand Festival, May approached Drew, who confirmed he would visit her soon.[21] Drew was at a Pokémon Center where May spotted him. Nurse Joy did too, and asked him for an autograph, being a participant of the Grand Festival. Seeing May was still feeling bad from her loss, Drew proposed to battle her, and her friends talked her into battling Drew.

May had Combusken and Beautifly attack Drew's Butterfree and Roselia, but failed, for his combo attacks were quite powerful: their Petal Dance and Silver Wind defeated her Pokémon. May felt she did her best, but swore to find her own battle style and compensate for her overconfidence. Drew admitted he'd go to Johto region to participate in Contests, feeling Solidad would be there, too. Harley wanted him and May to accompany him there, but they refused, causing Harley to run off. Drew walked away for some business, but swore to meet up with May once more.[22]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

In a flashback of May's, Drew and his newly evolved Roserade were training for contests.[23]

Along with Harley and Solidad, Drew and his Roserade watched May compete in the Wallace Cup.[24][25]


On hand

Voice actors

  • English:
  • French: Alessandro Bevilacqua
  • German: Max Felder
  • Italian: Massimo di Benedetto
  • Polish: Dariusz Błażejewski
  • Danish: Mikkel Følsgaard
  • Dutch: Huub Dikstaal


  • Drew, Gary Oak, Paul, Trip and Sawyer (4 others of the main rivals) all have their Japanese names that start with シ "Shi" (or "Sh-"):
    • Shigeru - Gary
    • Shuu - Drew
    • Shinji - Paul
    • Shooti - Trip
    • Shota - Sawyer
  • Aside from Drew's Flygon, his team are related to nature in one way or another, including Absol.
  • LaRousse City (Drew's hometown) somewhat sounds like "Rose". Most of his Pokémon are Grass type and he usually holds a rose.
  • In the Hoenn Grand Festival, Harley suspects that Drew and May have feelings for one another as Harley calls him "her annoying boyfriend".