For the variant appearing in the games, see Drasna.

Drasna is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is a member of the Elite Four in the Kalos region.


Drasna is an old woman, who has dark blue hair with two pigtails. Drasna wears brown shirt with a yellow sash around her belly and also wears a striped dark red dress with rippled ends. Along with her dress and high-heeled shoes, she wears dragon accessory resembling dragon's teeth, which are connected by green and orange decorations.


Diantha describes Drasna as a friendly person, who always smiles.


X & Y arc

Wikstrom appeared during an explanation by Diantha to Korrina.[1]

Wikstrom was training his Probopass on Route 18 with Drasna. X approached the two, which made the latter worry, thinking Wikstrom woke them up with their training. X denied that, which made Drasna note X actually had a nightmare and wanted to comfort him. Wikstrom reminded Drasna X and the group fought against Team Flare and stopped the Ultimate Weapon, hence why they shouldn't treat him as a mere child. Diantha arrived and stopped their bickering, reminding X is troubled and needed to rest, and they shouldn't be too loud, as they were to infiltrate the Pokémon Village. Wikstrom apologized and asked of X to rest until tomorrow morning. X brushed him off, stating he would go to sleep when he felt like it. Wikstrom was left shocked, while Diantha smiled and Drasna was surprised. The next day, before the group left, Drasna gave them an envelope containing information about Zygarde. Some time later, Drasna defended Route 21 from Team Flare forces.[2]

After Team Flare's defeat, Drasna gathered with the Elite Four and Diantha, as Wikstrom carried Malva's unconscious body away.[3]


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