Dragon Force (竜脈 Dragon Pulse) is a very powerful invisible energy that flows throughout the Pokémon World energy that was released in the movie Pokémon Black: Victini and Reshiram by a man of the name Damon, with the help of his Pokémon Gothitelle and Sigilyph. With Gothitelle fending off Pikachu as Sigilyph uses Psychic to power the machine that moves the Sword of the Vale from the ground but later on, the ground emanates a purple-ish energy the flows from the spot that the Sword of the Vale used to be that burned everything in its path but throughout the movie the energy was able the reach the Sword of the Vale as it was in the sky. Later in the movie Reshiram, Zekrom, and Golurk utilizing there massive power they were able push back the Sword of the Vale back to the hole from were it was positioned. The viewer may also see that when the Sword of the Vale was landing the Dragon Force's color changed from purple to green.

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