This Aerodactyl is a Rock/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Dr. Kenzo.


Aerodactyl was being ressurected through the fossil ressurecting machine when Team Rocket stole the machine from the Museum. After it got released, it slapped off the Poké Ball that had been thrown on it by Jessie, and attacked them with Giga Impact. It then flew to the city and fired multiple Hyper Beam, releasing Armaldo and Kabutops, and had a brief battle with them. Later, it dismantled Team Rocket's machine and moved on to attack the heroes. It fired a Hyper Beam towards Ash and his Pikachu, which was met by Bubble Beam off Piplup. It attacked Piplup and Buneary with Giga Impact, which the duo dodged using Spin, and was defeated when they jumped on it, causing it to crash. It was then returned to its Poké Ball.

Known moves

  • Using Giga Impact
  • Using Hyper Beam
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