Dr. Kaminko, or just Kaminko, is a major character that appears in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He is a scientist that is known for his inventions.


Dr. Kaminko is an elderly man who's notable appearance is his white hair that stands upward. He also wears a lab coat over his suit. He also wears swirly glasses.



Side Games

XD: Gale of Darkness

Dr. Kaminko is always seen in his house with his assistant Chobin. Dr. Kaminko loves to invent things but tends to be bothered by Michael's younger sister Jovi.

List of Dr. Kaminko's Inventions

Dr. Kaminko is known for his inventions but some are either helpful or completely useless.

  • Power-Draining Light Blub: As described by Chobin, this is a lightbulb that eats up electricity at a fast rate. This also causes an increase of electric bills.
  • Discount Calendar: As described by Chobin, this is a calendar that only has 300 days of the year. The user will lose 65 days.
  • Poké Pole: As described by Chobin, this is simply a pole painted to look like a Poké Ball. He then says that people will confuse it with a real Poké Ball and "society will be engulfed in chaos."
  • Haunted Radio: As described by Chobin, this is a radio that a tiny voice can be heard from it in two in the morning. The voice will say "Please help me" but Chobin says that Dr. Kaminko may have put in an odd program to do that.
  • Unhealthy Sandals: As described by Chobin, these are sandals that are very uncomfortable to walk in. Chobin says that continuing to walk in these sandals will cause health problems for the feet.
  • Jet Vacuum Cleaner: As described by Chobin, this is a vacuum cleaner that sucks up dust and shreads it into fine particles and then blows it out from the rear. Chobin says that the more this vacuum is used, the more "invisible coat of dust" will be covered in the room.
  • Power-Saving Refrigerator: As described by Chobin, this is a refrigerator that only turns on if the user is in front of it. Chobin says that the food will go bad and the user wouldn't even know why since the light will be on when the door is opened.
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