This Ditto, nicknamed Ditto 2, is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Narissa.


Ditto 2 is actually a Shiny Pokémon. The Ditto was quite a pranking Pokémon, as it went to transform (along with Ditto 1) into two of Dawn and Ash's Pokémon, though Narissa caught them in this act. Later, Narissa had a battle with Ash's Infernape, with Ditto 2 transforming into Infernape and copying its moves, though Infernape won. Brock displayed a match against his Happiny and Sudowoodo, which Ditto 1 and 2 copied their Pound and Hammer Arm.

When Team Rocket stole this Ditto and Ditto 1, they transformed into Meowth and Wobbuffet to stall them while Narrisa and the heroes arrived. In the battle, Ditto 2 copied Gible and Pikachu to blast them off, while it also copied Croagunk to stab Brock for flirting with Nurse Joy.

Known moves

  • Using Transform

  • Using Flame Wheel as Infernape
  • Using Mach Punch as Infernape
  • Using Pound as Happiny
  • Using Hammer Arm as Sudowoodo
  • Using Aerial Ace as Staraptor
  • Using Dig as Gible
  • Using Thunderbolt as Pikachu
  • Using Poison Jab as Croagunk

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