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The Distortion World (やぶれたせかい, Torn World) is an alternate dimension into which Giratina was banished by Arceus. The Distortion World can be accessed from two locations in the Sinnoh region, Spear Pillar atop Mt. Coronet, as well as Turnback Cave.


The three Lake Guardians, Cynthia, Lucas, Cyrus and Giratina in the Distortion World.

The Distortion World serves primarily as a prison for Giratina, in which the Pokémon is able to roam freely throughout it. The Distortion World is made up of a multitude of levitating islands, and due to the unusual nature of it, many laws of physics can be disobeyed. Namely, the player can move at angles which would normally be impossible in the real world, which is not limited to surfing.


The Distortion World makes its first appearance in Pokémon Platinum, where Team Galactic Boss Cyrus summons both Dialga and Palkia to Spear Pillar, in an attempt to create the perfect world. Sensing the disturbance occurring, Giratina conjures up a portal to the Reverse World, snatching Cyrus from Spear Pillar. The Player and Cynthia venture down after them, and have to maneuver through a series of levels with the assistance of Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie.


Main article: Reverse World

The Reverse World is the anime-only counterpart to the Distortion World. Despite this, its features vary differently to the game counterpart. In the movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior, the Reverse World is depicted as a large expanse of buildings constructed bilaterally to one another. There are also various other features not included within the game version. Namely, there are a multitude of bubbles floating around the Reverse World, which portray events happening in the real world. These bubbles are poisonous, however. In the Reverse World, there are also ice pillars scattered across the vast expanse, which serve mainly as "support pillars" for the real world. To this effect, when Zero goes in a frenzied rage, destroying pillars left, right and center, it causes adverse effects in the real world.


  • Despite the fact that time and space are literally non-existent in the Distortion World, the in-built timer continues to run regardless, and time-based events can still occur.
  • As there is no time or space, one who enters the Distortion World is ageless and thus needs no nourishment, therefore they could spend eternity there.