Diancie, Princess of the Diamond Domain (鉱国のプリンセス ディアンシー The Ore Country Princess: Diancie) is an anime prequel to Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.


In order to save the Diamond Ore Kingdom from certain danger Princess Diancie and the Carbink who serve as her butlers set off together on a journey to find the legendary Pokémon Xerneas. But who is that waiting for them on the road ahead...!?

Episode plot

In order to save the Diamond Domain, Diancie, accompanied with three Carbink, went on a journey to find Xerneas. Diancie used her power to find Xerneas, but heard someone's voice. She goes out and hears someone in trouble. She jumps from the lodge and goes to find out. Her Carbink go to the lodge with berries they harvested, thinking she is hungry. The Carbink jump up to find Diancie, but cannot find her. The Carbink notice her leaping off somewhere. Knowing she must not be harmed, the Carbink jump down and follow her.

As Diancie is searching, someone has spotted her. The Carbink cannot find Diancie and seeing a glitter in the bush, they jump, but encounter three Ariados. Diancie comes closer to the voice and finds a Pangoro stuck in a log. The Carbink find Diancie, who asks them to help get Pangoro out of the log, even if they are chased by Ariados. The Carbink start tackling the log as Diancie pulls Pangoro and Ariados follow them. The Carbink manage to carve out a hole, allowing Diancie to see Pangoro's face.

However, the Ariados appear and in order to protect his friends, Pangoro stands up and swings to intimidate Ariados. The Ariados disperse as Pangoro's presence. Pangoro is too dizzy from swinging and falls down, but has his log shattered into pieces. Diancie thanks Pangoro and they see a Pancham was also inside the log. Diancie is pleased by Pangoro's willingness to help, as he went to get Pancham out of the log.

As the sun sets, Diancie uses her power to find Xerneas, but they are watched by a Honedge, whose camera allows a woman to see what is going on. Diancie and Carbink leave, as they continue to look for Xerneas.



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