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Dhelmise (ダダリン, Dadarin) is a ghost/Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VII.



Dhelmise is an aquatic Pokémon that resembles an anchor. A ship steering wheel acts as its head. The green algae mass is actually Dhelmise's body.

The anchor is rust brown and mottled with black spots, while the seaweed (which is real body) envelopes the bottom hooked area of the anchor to give an impression of it having 5 sharp teeth, and climbs up the thin pole and covers the anchor's shank. 5 shards of seaweed trail off as a star shape.

The ship's wheel is lavender on the exterior with a yellow inner rim. It is attached to the back of the anchor by its center and is free spinning. The noticeably damaged wheel is yellow and features six spokes and four handles, with two lavender stubs where the other handles should be. A simple compass, acts as its left eye, while it lacks a right eye.


Dhelmise is able to launch forward its anchor body with enough force to destroy the strongest of rocks. It can also render a Wailord, its natural prey, unconscious. Dhelmise can extend its body at a lengthy distance. It can also attach bits of sea debris and seaweed. In addition, Dhelmise binds its victims with seaweed while draining away their vitality; it also uses this tactic when hunting for Wailord.

It is said that Dhelmise was created when a piece of seaweed merged with the debris of a sunken ship.

Skrelp and Dragalge are known to hang around it. They hold a mutualistic relationship with wild Skrelp, who lead them to patches of wild kelp and in return are protected by these mighty Pokémon.

Natural abilities

Dhelmise ability is Steelworker, which boosts steel-type moves by 50%.

As mentioned earlier, it attacks by hurling its anchor at the opponent.

Game info


Version(s) Area(s) Rarity
Sun and Moon Seafolk Village Very Rare
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Seafolk Village Very Rare
Sword and Shield Galar Route 9
Max Raid Battles: Bridge Field, Dappled Grove, Giant's Mirror, Stony Wilderness

Pokédex entries

  • Sun

    Swinging its massive anchor, it can KO Wailord in a single blow. What appears to be green seaweed is actually its body.

  • Moon

    The soul of seaweed adrift in the waves became reborn as this Pokémon. It maintains itself with new infusions of seabed detritus and seaweed.

  • Ultra Sun

    It wraps its prey in green seaweed and sucks away their vitality. It only likes to go after big prey like Wailord.

  • Ultra Moon

    Its chain-like green seaweed can stretch outward for hundreds of yards. For some reason, it gets along well with Skrelp.

  • Sword

    After a piece of seaweed merged with debris from a sunken ship, it was reborn as this Ghost Pokémon.

  • Shield

    After lowering its anchor, it waits for its prey. It catches large Wailord and drains their life-force.


Dhelmise's Stats
Sp. Atk
Sp. Def



LevelingGeneration VII
Level Move Power Accuracy PP Type Category
1 Switcheroo -- 100% 10 Dark Status
1 Absorb 20 100% 25 Grass Special
1 Growth -- --% 20 Normal Status
1 Rapid Spin 20 100% 40 Normal Physical
1 Astonish 30 100% 15 Ghost Physical
5 Mega Drain 40 100% 15 Grass Special
9 Wrap 15 90% 20 Normal Physical
14 Gyro Ball -- 100% 5 Steel Physical
18 Metal Sound -- 85% 40 Steel Status
23 Giga Drain 75 100% 10 Grass Special
27 Whirlpool 35 85% 15 Water Special
32 Anchor Shot 80 100% 20 Steel Physical
36 Shadow Ball 80 100% 15 Ghost Special
41 Energy Ball 90 100% 10 Grass Special
45 Slam 80 75% 20 Normal Physical
50 Heavy Slam -- 100% 10 Steel Physical
54 Phantom Force 90 100% 10 Ghost Physical
59 Power Whip 120 85% 10 Grass Physical
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


TMs, TRs, and HMs Generation VII
TM/HM/TR Move Power Accuracy PP Type Cat.
TM06 Toxic 90% 10 Poison Status
TM10 Hidden Power 60 100% 15 Normal Special
TM11 Sunny Day —% 5 Fire Status
TM15 Hyper Beam 150 90% 5 Normal Special
TM17 Protect —% 10 Normal Status
TM18 Rain Dance —% 5 Water Status
TM21 Frustration 100% 20 Normal Physical
TM22 Solar Beam 120 100% 10 Grass Special
TM26 Earthquake 100 100% 10 Ground Physical
TM27 Return 100% 20 Normal Physical
TM30 Shadow Ball 80 100% 15 Ghost Special
TM31 Brick Break 75 100% 15 Fighting Physical
TM32 Double Team —% 15 Normal Status
TM34 Sludge Wave 95 100% 10 Poison Special
TM40 Aerial Ace 60 —% 20 Flying Physical
TM42 Facade 70 100% 20 Normal Physical
TM44 Rest —% 10 Psychic Status
TM45 Attract 100% 15 Normal Status
TM46 Thief 60 100% 25 Dark Physical
TM48 Round 60 100% 15 Normal Special
TM53 Energy Ball 90 100% 10 Grass Special
TM59 Brutal Swing 60 100% 20 Dark Physical
TM63 Embargo 100% 15 Dark Status
TM65 Shadow Claw 70 100% 15 Ghost Physical
TM66 Payback 50 100% 10 Dark Physical
TM68 Giga Impact 150 90% 5 Normal Physical
TM74 Gyro Ball 100% 5 Steel Physical
TM75 Swords Dance —% 20 Normal Status
TM78 Bulldoze 60 100% 20 Ground Physical
TM80 Rock Slide 75 90% 10 Normal Physical
TM86 Grass Knot 100% 20 Grass Special
TM87 Swagger 85% 15 Normal Status
TM88 Sleep Talk —% 10 Normal Status
TM90 Substitute —% 10 Normal Status
TM91 Flash Cannon 80 100% 10 Steel Special
TM94 Surf 90 100% 15 Water Special
TM100 Confide —% 20 Normal Status
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

Egg Moves

Dhelmise learns no moves via breeding.


Tutoring Generation VII
Move Power Accuracy PP Type Category
Ally Switch USUM —% 15 Psychic Status
Block USUM —% 5 Normal Status
Giga Drain USUM 75 100% 10 Grass Special
Helping Hand USUM —% 20 Normal Status
Iron Defense USUM —% 15 Steel Status
Iron Head USUM 80 100% 15 Steel Physical
Knock Off USUM 65 100% 20 Dark Physical
Pain Split USUM —% 20 Normal Status
Role Play USUM —% 10 Psychic Status
Snore USUM 50 100% 15 Normal Special
Spite USUM 100% 10 Ghost Status
Synthesis USUM —% 5 Grass Status
Telekinesis USUM —% 15 Psychic Status
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.



Dhelmise was guarding a Mystic Water that Kanoa was trying to obtain. Popplio defeated it with Hydro Vortex.



Dhelmise appears to be based on a steering wheel and anchor salvaged from a shipwreck. Its method of draining Wailord of their life essence may be in reference to how whales can die or be injured by abandoned fishing equipment.

Alternatively, it may also reference two famous captains in literature, Captain Ahab (the main protagonist in the Moby Dick novel that dies tied to one of his harpoons trying to kill a whale, explaining why this Pokémon is a ghost-type and hunts Wailord), and the captain of the ghost ship Demeter in Bram Stoker's Dracula who is found tied to the ships helm after being drained (which explains why it drains health from its prey).

As for the seaweed, it may be based on the Codium fragile, also nicknamed as "Dead Man's Fingers". Its concept may be a homage to works by William Hope Hodgson, especially reminiscent of his Sargasso Sea Stories. The seaweed may also use the concept of mimicry, as it resembles a jagged smile upon wrapping around the anchor. Its Shiny coloration may take inspiration from red algae, one of the oldest types of algae.


Dhelmise comes from demise (to seek or hope for someones misfortune) and helm (the head of a ship).