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Dendemille Town is a town located in the mountain part of the Kalos region.

Places of Interest

Move Reminder and Move Deleter

The Move Reminder and the Move Deleter's house is located just east of the Route 15 gate. Like in the previous games, the Move Reminder can teach a move a Pokémon has forgotten for a Heart Scale, while the Move Deleter can delete one of a Pokémon's moves for free.

Moomoo Milk seller

A Hex Maniac outside the Pokémon Center offers to sell Moomoo Milks, either individually or in a dozen.

Moomoo Milk seller
Item Price
Moomoo Milk XY Sprite.png Moomoo Milk 1 - Poké Dollar.png500
12 - Poké Dollar.png6,000


Item Games Location/Method
Sitrus Berry.png Sitrus Berry X/Y From the girl Artist in the Pokémon Center
Heal Ball Sprite.png Heal Ball X/Y On the bush south-southwest of the Pokémon Center (hidden)
Big Root Bag.png Big Root X/Y On the south end of the field
Bag Nugget Sprite.png Nugget X/Y On the southwest plowed area of the field (hidden)
Normal TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM42 X/Y From the Youngster in the southwestern house
Leppa Berry.png Leppa Berry X/Y From the girl Ace Trainer in the southwestern house daily after showing her a specific TM
Shell Bell Bag Sprite.png Shell Bell X/Y From the man in the northeastern house after seeing ≥70 Pokémon in the Mountain Kalos Pokédex
Big Nugget Sprite.png Big Nugget X/Y In the northwesternmost corner of the town (hidden)


Dendemille Town has a Showcase Hall in the anime. In the episode Performing with Fiery Charm!, Serena takes part in the Dendemille Showcase against Miette and Jessie, defeating them both and winning her first Princess Key.

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