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Decrepit Lab is a Friend Area in the Ruins.

Resident Pokemon

style="Template:RoundyTL background-color: rgb(153,255,153); text-align: center"|MD Abra style="Template:RoundyTR background-color: rgb(153, 255, 153);"|Abra
File:Kadabra.png Kadabra
File:Alakazam.png Alakazam
File:Mr. Mime.png Mr. Mime
File:Ditto.png Ditto
File:Porygon.png Porygon
style="Template:RoundyBL background-color: rgb(153, 255, 153); text-align: center"|MD Porygon2 style="Template:RoundyBR background-color: rgb(153, 255, 153);"|Porygon2
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