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This Ambipom is a Normal-type Pokémon that was caught by Ash, but was later traded to Dawn for Buizel since Ambipom preferred contests over battles. Eventually, Dawn gave Ambipom to O due to Ambipom's love for the ping-pong sport.


Ambipom is a playful Pokémon. As an Aipom, however, she was really mischievous and would steal items ranging from her Pokémon friends' food to Ash's hat so as to gain attention. Also, she is very attached to Ash and will feel jealous about his friendship with Pikachu. Even once she attacked Professor Oak because Ash didn't appear. After evolving, she becomes more mature and starts obeying orders, as well as being loyal to her friends.


Ash caught Dawn's Ambipom as an Aipom in the Battle Frontier arc, but it had appeared in a few previous episodes prior, causing Ash trouble by stealing his hat many times. This eventually provoked Ash into battling and catching Aipom during the Grand Festival. Even after being caught, Aipom still continued to steal Ash's hat whenever it seemed to be jealous of Pikachu's bond with Ash.

Aipom chose to travel with Ash when he went to Sinnoh, helping him defeat Roark and Gardenia. After being advised by their friend Zoey, Ash traded his Aipom to Dawn for her Buizel, as Aipom loved contests, while Buizel liked to win battles. It is the third Pokémon Ash ever traded. While in the Solaceon Ruins, Aipom evolved after using Double Hit in order to defend Dawn from the enraged Unown.

On their way to Snowpoint City, Dawn and her Ambipom competed in the Pokémon Ping-Pong. After the game, Ambipom left the gang and stayed with O because she liked Pokémon Ping Pong better than contests. Ambipom has not been seen since.

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  • When Ambipom was Ash's, it was the first Pokémon to be caught by Ash after it followed him around.



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