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Dawn is a character appearing in the anime series. She is a young Pokémon Coordinator, who traveled through the Sinnoh region, along with Ash Ketchum and Brock.

While traveling with the two boys, she honed her skills as a Pokémon Trainer and focused on becoming a Top Coordinator like her mother. While Dawn learned a lot through her travels, she also developed rivalries with many coordinators such as Zoey (her main rival, albeit a friendly one), Nando, Jessie, Kenny, and Ursula.


Dawn has a fair complexion, blue eyes, and long blue hair of the same color. Her usual outfit is a mini dress consisting of a black V-neck tank top with a white shirt under it, a very short pink mini skirt, and a red scarf. On her head, she wears a white beanie with a pink Poké Ball print on it. She also wears gold hair clips that hold up her hair in front. She wears a bracelet on her right wrist and a Pokétch on her left. On her feet, she wears pink knee-high boots with black mid-knee socks. She also has a small yellow backpack with all of her personal belongings.

Dawn's contest outfit is a pink dress with dark pink horizontal and vertical accents, a pink sash, and a necklace with a small red ribbon on it. She also keeps her hair in a ponytail. However, her outfit varies from contest to contest. In the Grand Festival, she wore a cream-yellow mini dress with an orange sash, long white gloves, a white petticoat, and low heel ballet pumps. She also kept a pinkish-red ribbon in her hair, along with an identical one on her chest.

For swimwear, Dawn wears a peachy-orange and yellow two piece. At night, she wears pink pajama bottoms and a matching shirt with a yellow line going down them.

When Dawn returned, her Pokétch was replaced with a Xtransceiver.


Dawn is carefree, upbeat, and cheerful. Whenever she makes a mistake, she often quickly recovers and strives to do better. She's also confident- even from the beginning of her journey, Dawn is very confident in her abilities (sometimes even a little overconfident, as shown when she ordered her newly evolved Ambipom to use Swift), though not to the same extent as Ash. While she's kind and supportive, she is sometimes quick-tempered and often gets emotional when she loses, so Ash and Brock often have to help her cope. She also became very depressed when she lost two contests in a row, not even managing to get through the first round of appeals. However, she regained her confidence after she won the Wallace Cup, along with a new found sense of maturity. She is also very sensitive and supportive of her friends—a clear example occurred when she worked on a cheerleading recital to help Ash feel better after he fell into depression following his humiliating defeat at the hands of his bitter rival. The same is shown when she tried to cheer up Maylene when she wasn't having much confidence. Dawn is always good at cheering other people. She also seems to be more fixated on her appearance than the other two main female characters- in one episode, Dawn refused to show herself to Ash and Brock until she straightened out her bed hair.


Dawn making poffins.

Dawn can make amazing Poffins- a lot of Pokémon (including her own and the ones that belong to her friends) like them. She also knows how to fish and can design clothes very well, but she lets her mother and Brock do the sewing for her. She eventually grew to be a good battler and a great performer in her contests.

Dawn's connection with Mesprit.

Dawn also has the ability to sense the feelings of Pokémon, as shown when Mesprit chose to connect with her.

Though Dawn likes to design clothes and admires fashion she also knows how to make Pokémon a star. This is clearly shown in the episode Arriving in style when Dawn becomes the grand winner of Hearthiome collection fashion show. She became the winner as she chose to show her Buneary rather than showing the accessories




Dawn and Johanna.

Dawn cares for her mother very much and looks up to her as a person and coordinator. She sometimes goes to her mother for advice when she needs it.



Dawn and Leona.

Leona is one of Dawn's childhood friends. They went to preschool together along with their mutual friend Kenny. Dawn cares for Leona but she doesn't like when she calls her "Dee Dee." Whenever one of the two is feeling down, they help the other to bring their spirits back up.


Dawn and Ash.

Dawn and Ash have an unbreakable friendship. While Dawn gets annoyed with Ash's habits and they sometimes fight a little, they always make up in the end. Dawn admires and respects Ash's skills as a Pokémon Trainer along with the love he has for Pokémon. Whenever Ash is in a Gym Battle, Dawn would even sometimes dress up in a cheerleading outfit to show her support for him. Dawn and Ash sometimes high five to show their friendship. Dawn would stand up for Ash and he has done the same for her. Ash might have a crush on Dawn, or Dawn can have a crush on Ash. While they parted ways when their journey together had ended, they remained best friends, shown when they briefly reunited in Unova.


Dawn and Brock.

Dawn admires Brock's cooking. She also has great respect for Brock's knowledge about Pokémon and she knows how much he cares for them. While Dawn gets annoyed when Brock gets smitten with girls, she considers him to be a great friend to have around. Like with Ash, Dawn and Brock each went their separate ways to pursue their goals, but they remained friends.


Dawn and May.

Dawn respects May as a coordinator and a good friend. Also, Dawn and May didn't spend a lot of time together during the Wallace Cup, but they were able to get to know each other a little. After the Wallace Cup concluded, Dawn and May went their separate ways.


Dawn and Iris.

Dawn is very respectful towards Iris, and they are pretty good friends. The two have a mutual respect for the other's skills and abilities. After the tournament they entered concluded, Dawn and Iris went their separate ways.


Dawn and Cilan.

Dawn and Cilan are good friends. Also, Dawn is impressed about his skill in battle, due to him being a Gym Leader, and the way he evaluates the bonds between Trainers and Pokémon. Like with Brock, Dawn also enjoys Cilan's cooking. They went their separate ways, after the tournament they entered had ended.



Dawn and Kenny.

Dawn and Kenny have been friends since they were little as they're both from Twinleaf Town. They even went to the same preschool along with their friend Leona. When they got older, Dawn and Kenny became rivals as coordinators but they maintained their friendship. Like with Leona, however, Dawn dislikes when Kenny bullies her by calling her "Dee Dee".


Dawn and Nando.

Dawn and Nando are good friends and respect each other. However, although they're friends, they also have a rivalry, due to both being coordinators. Also, Dawn never got the chance to battle Nando in a contest but does support him.


Dawn and Zoey.

Dawn and Zoey were able to hit it off right away when they first met. Like with her other friends, Dawn and Zoey have a rivalry, due to both being coordinators, although their rivalry is much more friendly. Dawn supports Zoey and she gives her important advice to better herself as a coordinator.


Dawn and Ursula.

Dawn first meet Ursula before the Chocovine Contest as she recognized her from the Wallace Cup but she believed that her win was all but luck over skills. After the contest ended in the latter victory, Dawn and Ursula officially became rivals. Like May with Harley, Dawn gets annoyed with Ursula. Despite this, Dawn and Ursula have some respect for their skills as Coordinator's.



Dawn and Piplup.

Piplup is Dawn's Starter Pokémon. Although they disagreed at first, Piplup eventually became Dawn's partner and one of her best friends. However, although they greatly respect each other, Dawn sometimes gets annoyed with Piplup's stubbornness and his tendency to get her along with their friends lost. Like with Ash, Dawn respects Piplup's wishes to stay the way he is, similarly to Ash respecting his Pikachu, as he doesn't want to evolve. Dawn had Piplup stay by her side to continue her journey in making her dream come true.


Dawn and Buneary.

At first, Buneary distrusted Dawn and refused to be caught. However, Dawn was able to earn Buneary's trust and formed a friendship with her after she helped save her from falling. With Piplup's help, Dawn caught it, making it her first caught Pokémon and one of her partners. Dawn and Buneary enjoy looking at magazines, styling clothes, and shopping together. After finishing a photo shoot for her, Dawn had Buneary continue traveling with her to make her dream a reality.


Dawn and Pachirisu.

Dawn caught Pachirisu as her second Pokémon overall, but she ended up releasing it, due to its hyper-active personality. However, Dawn soon realized that she made a mistake and decided to get it back. When Pachirisu left with Team Rocket, Dawn thought it wouldn't like her, due to abandoning it. However, she was proven wrong when it came back, as it only left with Team Rocket to get something that could help Dawn and her friends. Seeing the truth, Dawn recaptured Pachirisu as they instantly became friends and partners. They enjoy doing various things with each other. Dawn had Pachirisu accompany her some more in order to pursue her goal.


Dawn and Buizel.

Dawn caught Buizel as her third Pokémon overall and they were able to become good friends. However, Dawn never got the chance to use Buizel in a contest, due to her not moving on to the second round in one of them along with the fact that it was more interested in battling than contests. As a result, Dawn traded Buizel to Ash while she got one of his. Despite now being Ash's Pokémon, Dawn and Buizel maintained their friendship.


Dawn and Ambipom.

Dawn and Ambipom have a close relationship. Also, Dawn has known Ambipom since she was an Aipom and during her time as one of Ash's Pokémon. Dawn received Ambipom as her fourth Pokémon when she traded with Ash as he received one of hers in return. After evolving, Dawn used Ambipom in various contests and sometimes battled with it. When she discovered her interest and talent in Pokémon ping pong, Dawn let Ambipom decide what path she wanted to take. When she chose Pokémon ping pong over contests, Dawn understood Ambipom's reasons and bid her farewell. Despite being apart, Dawn knew in her heart that she'll always remain close with Ambipom till the end.


Dawn and Mamoswine.

Dawn has known Mamoswine since it was a Swinub. It took a liking to her and her Poffins as they became friends. When Dawn caught it, it became her fifth Pokémon overall. However, after evolving into Piloswine, their relationship took a different turn as it started disobeying Dawn, due to its newfound strength and confidence. Even after it evolved into Mamoswine, their relationship was still off track. However, when Dawn nursed Mamoswine back to full health, after it got injured, their relationship slowly got back on the right track. After finding it to be a good double performance partner for a contest, Dawn and Mamoswine's bond for each other was not only set back to right but it also grew stronger. Dawn even took encouragement from Mamoswine alongside Quilava, during its time as a Cyndaquil, as it helped her get over her fear of Plusle and Minun. Dawn continue to have Mamoswine by her side during her journey to become top Coordinator.


Dawn and Quilava.

Dawn obtained Quilava as an egg and hatched into a Cyndaquil, making it her sixth Pokémon overall. They instantly became close friends with each other. After it evolved into Quilava, Dawn made great use of its newfound strength and abilities. Dawn had Quilava continue traveling with her to make her dream come true.


Dawn and Togekiss.

Dawn first met Togekiss when she was under the ownership of Princess Salvia. When her original Trainer asked her to take Togekiss with her so she could participate in Pokémon contests, Dawn happily accepted her on her team, thus becoming her seventh Pokémon she caught overall. They became very good friends with each other. Dawn continue to have Togekiss participate in more contest with her.


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Pokémon the Series: Diamond & Pearl

Dawn made her debut in Following A Maiden's Voyage! when she picked Piplup as her starter Pokémon. In the next episode, she met Ash's Pikachu after it had temporarily escaped from Team Rocket. Returning Pikachu to Ash was how she met him and Brock. Dawn traveled with Ash and Brock through Sinnoh until Ash and Brock left for home back in the Kanto region after the Sinnoh League.

Dawn's mother gave her daughter her very first ribbon in the first episode, and she kept it with her as a good luck charm. In her first contest, Dawn became friends with a talented Coordinator named Zoey. However, Dawn lost her accessory just before the contest and thus lost the contest itself. Zoey talked to Dawn about how losing was just a lesson that you should learn from. Dawn promised that she would become just as good as Zoey one day. Ironically, Dawn seemed to be on a losing streak for a while, losing in the appeal round of her competitions two times in a row. However, her goal proceeded when she participated in her fourth Pokémon Contest in the episode Another One Gabites The Dust! where Dawn faced a rather mean and arrogant girl named Ursula. After insulting her, the two coordinators developed a fierce rivalry. Soon enough, the two girls faced each other at the finals, where Dawn's Pachirisu barely managed to beat Ursula's Gabite, winning the battle. After she learned about the double appeals in the upcoming contest, Dawn was determined to create a new combination. At first, she lacked ideas but soon developed an Ice-Fire combination idea consisting of Mamoswine and Cyndaquil.

For some mysterious reason that Dawn kept trying to hide, her old friends Kenny and Leona called her "Dee Dee" (Diamond Dandruff). It was eventually revealed that the reason for the name "Dee Dee" was due to Dawn's hair glittering after being shocked by the class pets in kindergarten, Plusle and Minun. With her hair ruined, Kenny spread the word, and soon Dawn was embarrassed and teased by the nickname.

Ever since Dawn's last win in Daybreak Town, she trained hard for the upcoming Grand Festival and came up with many new combinations such as the Pachirisu/Mamoswine combo and the Buneary/Cyndaquil combo. In Last Call — First Round! the Grand Festival began. Except for Kenny, all of Dawn's rivals and Dawn herself make it to the Battle Round. Dawn battled Ursula once again, and after five minutes of intense battling, Dawn defeated Ursula. After Ursula's defeat, she admitted that she was weaker than Dawn. Dawn managed to reach the semi-finals of the Grand Festival. There, she found herself against none other than Jessilina. In the end, Dawn won and advanced to the finals to face Zoey, who had beaten Nando in the semi-finals. Zoey and Dawn both showcased their skills as Top Coordinator, but as time ran out, Zoey won the title of Top Coordinator and the Sinnoh Ribbon Cup with only a few points' difference, leaving Dawn in second place. Dawn promised her Pokémon that they would not stop trying until they reach the top.

Upon returning to Twinleaf Town, Johanna informed Dawn that Paris from Hearthome City wanted Dawn to model Buneary and the outfits she designed. Although Dawn was originally going to leave with Ash and Brock to go to Kanto, she decided that she would remain in Sinnoh.

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

When Ash, Iris, and Cilan arrived at Cynthia's villa, waiting to see who was waiting for Ash, Dawn snuck in and poked him once they came in, making him think someone was behind him. She was then introduced to Iris and Cilan, and Ash told Dawn about his new friend Meloetta. Dawn misunderstood what he was talking about, so he decided to show her his new Pokémon (along with the ones that belonged to Iris and Cilan). She introduced herself to them and brought out her own Pokémon, revealing that her Cyndaquil had evolved into a Quilava, impressing Ash. Cilan decided to battle Dawn, since she was a coordinator and Cilan was a connoisseur. During the battle, Dawn showed everyone her contest moves and Cilan gave his evaluation, which confused Dawn and embarrassed Iris. After the battle, they decided to relax for a while, hearing Meloetta sing its song while they did so. Unbeknownst to them, Team Rocket recorded the song and reported it to Prof. Zager as they made preparations for the future. In Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!, Dawn journeyed to the Johto region.

In BW088 Ash, Iris and Cilan arrives at Cynthia's house waiting to see who's waiting for Ash and once they come in Dawn sneaks behind Ash and makes him think who's behind him and finally reunites with Dawn and introduces herself to Iris and Cilan and Ash tells Dawn about his new friend Meloetta and Dawn is misunderstood what he is talking about and decides to show Dawn, Ash's new Pokémon and Iris's and Cilan's as well and she introduces herself to them and finally she brings out her Pokémon but the only difference about her Pokémon is her Cyndaquil evolves into a Quilava which impresses Ash however when Dawn's Piplup meets Meloetta and Oshawott finds out he has a crush on her as well they both start a rivalry, After that Oshawott pushes Piplup and Ash tells Oshawott to apologize to Piplup but Piplup denies it and then both start the rivalry again, then Ash asks Dawn if they want to battle but Cilan decides to battle Dawn since Dawn is a coordinator and Cilan is a connoisseur, during the battle Dawn was showing everyone her contest moves and after that Cilan did his evaluation time thing which made Dawn confused and humiliated Iris, After that Cilan and Pansage talks about Dawn as a coordinator and she says "Does every connoisseur act like this" and Pansage uses Solarbeam and Dawn tells Piplup to counter with Ice Beam which is a new move to Piplup and makes sparks everywhere and amazes Meloetta and they continue their battle later, After the battle they decide to relax for a little while and they hear Meloetta sing its song and Team Rocket records the song and reports it to Prof. Segar and they make preparations for the future.


On hand

Having run off from the lab in a dispute with a Chimchar, Dawn found Piplup trapped in a web and helped it out. Piplup and Dawn formed a close bond very quickly. While Piplup can be described as a brat, it truly tries its best in battles, despite the fact that it's not the most powerful Pokémon. Piplup usually tries to show off his pride by taking the lead. Dawn tends to let Piplup stay out of its Poké Ball but, she does keep it in there sometimes. In the final episode, Piplup was very upset when Ash, Brock, and Pikachu returned to Kanto, and cried while waving goodbye to them.

After having various Buneary attack her during her travels, Dawn came across another Buneary. Eager to add it to her team, she attempted to battle it, eventually succeeding and capturing it. Buneary is female and appears to have a crush on Ash's Pikachu, much to his discomfort. She also knows many powerful attacks, including Ice Beam. In the final episode, Buneary was chosen to model for a Pokémon Magazine, resulting in Dawn staying behind in Sinnoh while Ash and Brock returned to Kanto.

During her travels, Dawn met up with a hyper Pachirisu. After several problems between Pachirisu and the group, Dawn eventually befriended it. It is a loving Pokémon that is known to shock Dawn whenever it is happy, giving her a bad hair day. However, it has some powerful attacks (including Spark), so it is able to hold its own in battle.

After allowing a princess called Salvia to take her place in a Pokémon Contest, Salvia was kind enough to allow Dawn to have her Togekiss so that it could partake in Pokémon Contests (which Salvia herself was unable to do). Togekiss has many powerful attacks (such as Aura Sphere) that allow it to be able to be able to hold its own in battles and create dazzling appeals. In normal situations, it acts like a big sister to all of Dawn's other Pokémon.

In training

Traded away

After being hooked while Dawn was fishing, a strong Buizel managed to take out Pikachu, Piplup, and Zoey's Glameow. This made all three want to get it. After rescuing it from Team Rocket, Buizel allowed Dawn to battle it in order to capture it. Buizel is a rather strong and arrogant Pokémon. However, due to its arrogance, it is not above disobeying orders. In another conflict with Dawn, Buizel was more into battling than contests. This led Zoey to ask Dawn if it was right to be in her team. After a trial, Dawn decided to trade Buizel for Ash's Aipom.



When Pikachu got lost, Dawn encountered it and tried to catch it. When the Poké Ball failed to, she realized he belonged to someone. She searched for his trainer and succeeded, and also tried to protect Pikachu from Team Rocket.

After the heroes split up at the labyrinth, Dawn teamed up with Croagunk to come out of the maze.

Dawn borrowed Ash's Staravia to train.



Ribbon Additional Information
Floaroma Town Ribbon In DP 27 Dawn's Piplup beat Kenny's Prinplup and won her first ribbon.
Aqua Ribbon In DP 77–79, the Wallace Cup took place. In DP 79 Dawn with her Piplup beat May's Glaceon in the final and finally broke her losing streak.
Celestic Town Ribbon In DP 95 Dawn won her third Contest Ribbon by defeating Lila (Johanna's childhood friend) in the Celestic Pokémon Contest.
Chocovine Town Ribbon In DP 114 Dawn beat her new rival Ursula and won her fourth Ribbon.
Daybreak Town Ribbon In DP 162 Dawn beat Ursula after defeating the latter's Ursula's Minun and Plusle and won her fifth and final Ribbon, thus becoming eligible to participate in the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Grand Festival Ranking

Dawn placed in the following Grand Festival competitions:

Other achievements

Dawn also earned the following achievements:

  • Hearthome Collection Contest: Winner
  • Hearthome Pokémon Tag Battle Tournament: Runner-Up With Conway
  • Pokémon Summer School: Winner with Ash and Brock
  • World Tournament Junior Cup: Top 8

Voice actors

  • Dutch: Meghna Kumar
  • Italian: Tosawi Piovani (Season 10 - 11), Ludovica De Caro (Season 12 - 13)
  • Greek: Stella Bonatsou
  • Mandarin: Lin Meixiu
  • Czech: Rosita Erbanova
  • Danish: Annevig Schelde-Ebbe
  • Finnish: Mirjami Heikkinen
  • Norwegian: Eline Høyer
  • French: Alexandra Correa
  • Korean: Chong Mi-Suk
  • Hebrew: Talia Barkai
  • German: Jana Julie
  • Polish: Magdalena Krylik (Season 10), Beata Wyrabkiewicz (Season 11 - 13)
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Fernanda Bulara
  • Russian: Anastasia Fomicheva (Season 10 - 11), Olga Shorohova (Season 12 - 15)
  • Thai: Sansanee Watthananumomchan
  • Latin American Spanish: Gaby Ugarte (Season 10, 11 & 13), Leyla Rangel (Season 12)
  • Portuguese: Raquel Ferreira (Season 10), Joana Carvalho (Season 11 - 13)
  • European Spanish: Mar Bordallo
  • Swedish: Elina Raeder
  • Hindi: Neshma Chemburkar (Hungama dub)


  • Dawn's bike was destroyed by Pikachu's Thunderbolt, a sort of ongoing gag that has been used with Misty and May, but Dawn wasn't angry at Ash or Pikachu for it due to unfavorable circumstances (attacked by Team Rocket) on their end. This ended with Iris, who started the gag of being shocked by Pikachu directly.
  • Dawn is the second character who got their starter Pokémon attacked by a wild Pokémon. In her case, Ariados attacked Piplup).
  • Dawn's Japanese and English names (Hikari and Dawn) both mean some type of light.
  • As revealed in DP161, Dawn's nickname (Pikari/Dee Dee) is tied with her fear of Plusle and Minun.
  • Dawn is the first main character other than Ash to see a Legendary Pokémon right at the beginning of their journey. Ash saw Ho-Oh with Pikachu on his side while Dawn saw Mesprit after saving Piplup.
    • Ash later encounterd Azelf during the Wallace Cup, with the subsequent conversation seeing Zoey reveal herself as being from Snowpoint City.
  • Dawn is the first of Ash's companions to have caught an Electric-type Pokémon, Pachirisu.
  • Dawn's personality reflects that of the Emotion Pokémon Mesprit.
  • Dawn is the first female protagonist to trade Pokémon with Ash.
  • Dawn is Ash's only companion who didn't have a particular reason for traveling with Ash and Brock through a region.
  • Dawn is the second character besides May to travel to another region Ash had already been through. In Dawn's case, she traveled to Hoenn (the origin of Contests) where Ash previously traveled and May traveled to Johto where Ash was traveling before meeting her.
  • Dawn became famous for winning the Wallace Cup.
  • Dawn battled two Gym Leaders in the anime. The first was Maylene, and the second was Cilan.
  • Despite the fact that Dawn's catchphrase is "No need to worry", she usually says it in a bad situation.


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