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This Pachirisu is an Electric-type Pokémon owned by Dawn.


In the beginning, Pachirisu doesn't obey its trainer Dawn's commandments and likes using its electricity to mess up her hair. However, it soon convergences its naughtiness and begins to follow Dawn's orders.

Like May's Munchlax with Pokéblock, Pachirisu loves eating poffins and it even had a tantrum when one got destroyed.



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In Twice Smitten, Once Shy!, Dawn sought to capture Pachirisu which she succeeded in doing so but after Pachirisu shocked her and given her hyperactive personality as well as Dawn's own inability to control her, Dawn ended up releasing it back into the wild and gave up.

However, after realizing that she'd made a big mistake, Dawn wanted to recapture Pachirisu, only to learn that Jessie was interested in adding Pachirisu to her own team.

Despite Team Rocket's efforts, Pachirisu chose to side with Dawn and after the Team Rocket trio were sent blasting off thanks to Pachirisu's Discharge attack, Dawn recaught Pachirisu.

In the first few episodes, Pachirisu would often use Discharge and accidentally give Dawn a bad hair day. It was a Hyper Pokémon and Jessie admired Pachirisu and went up against Jessie and Ash's Aipom in a few episodes after. It helped Dawn with the appeals stage in the Floaroma contest and with Piplup in the Hearthome City contest.

During the travels, Pachirisu got sick from storing too much electricity, but it quickly got better, after sending Team Rocket blasting off. In the first appearance of Ursula and her Gabite, Pachirisu learned Super Fang because Gabite stepped on a poffin.

It battled Gabite in the contest and won a ribbon for Dawn which was a total of four. When the heroes taught the children about breeding, battling and contesting, Pachirisu and Buneary made a combination move, Ice Chandelier, from Ice Beam and Discharge, from Thomas' advice. She was used in the Grand Festival and with Mamoswine against Ursula's Gabite and Flareon. While they were at disadvantage, Dawn made a comeback, making Pachirisu and Mamoswine able to defeat both of Ursula's Pokémon via Ice Chandelier.


Pachirisu last appeared in the Unova Region when Dawn came to see Ash again. After Dawn's Buneary rejected Ash's Oshawott, Oshawott picked its scalchop up, only for Pachirisu to kick it away.


Pachirisu appears in PJ089.

Known moves

Improvised moves


  • Pachirisu is the second Electric-type that was caught by a main character, preceded by Pikachu owned by Ash.
  • Pachirisu is the first released Pokémon to rejoin a main character's team. The second is Ash's Goodra.



  1. ^ DP138: Strategy Begins at Home!, Attract was effective on Dawn's Piplup and Pachirisu