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Darkness Ridge is a Rescue Team Camp/Friend Area in the Mountain Range.

Resident Pokémon

MD Vulpix.png Vulpix
MD Ninetales.png Ninetales
MD Gastly.png Gastly
MD Haunter.png Haunter
MD Gengar.png Gengar
MD Misdreavus.png Misdreavus
MD Sneasel.png Sneasel
MD Sableye.png Sableye
MD Shuppet.png Shuppet
MD Banette.png Banette
MD Duskull.png Duskull
MD Dusclops.png Dusclops
MD Absol.png Absol

Rescue Team DX only

MD Mismagius.png Mismagius
MD Weavile.png Weavile
MD Dusknoir.png Dusknoir