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Dark Hill is a dungeon in Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, after Chasm Cave. Since it is in the future, it cannot be revisited and no Pokémon can be recruited.


Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Gastly.png Gastly 1F-6F 30 Unrecruitable
MD Banette.png Banette 1F-7F 30 Unrecruitable
MD Misdreavus.png Misdreavus 1F-8F 30 Unrecruitable
MD Gliscor.png Gliscor 1F-15F 28 Unrecruitable
MD Claydol.png Claydol 5F-15F 30 Unrecruitable
MD Haunter.png Haunter 7F-15F 31 Unrecruitable
MD Dusclops.png Dusclops 8F-15F 31 Unrecruitable
MD Gengar.png Gengar 12F-15F 32 Unrecruitable


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