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Dark Crater is the last dungeon in the second story line of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of Sky. After it is revealed that Darkrai is the mastermind behind the distorting of space, he challenges the Player, Partner, and Cresselia to face him at Dark Crater.

Dark Crater is located at the northwesternmost end of the Wonder Map on the volcanic island.


Dark Crater

Mewtwo can only be found in Explorers of Darkness

Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Charmander.png Charmander B1-10 5-7 8.2%
MD Cyndaquil.png Cyndaquil B1-10 5-7 8.2%
MD Chimchar.png Chimchar B1-10 5-7 8.2%
MD Hippowdon.png Hippowdon B1-10 33-35 8.2%
MD Numel.png Numel B1-11 14-16 6.4%
MD Slugma.png Slugma B1-12 15-17 8.2%
MD Growlithe.png Growlithe B1-13 16-18 8.2%
MD Ponyta.png Ponyta B1-13 17-19 8.2%
MD Torchic.png Torchic B1-14 5-7 8.2%
MD Charmeleon.png Charmelon B1-15 43-46 -10%
MD Flareon.png Flareon B1-15 49-52 -12%
MD Combusken.png Combusken B1-15 45-48 -10%
MD Monferno.png Monferno B1-15 43-46 -10%
MD Camerupt.png Camerupt B3-15 46-49 -12%
MD Rapidash.png Rapidash B4-15 48-51 -4.5%
MD Mewtwo.png Mewtwo B6 50 -22% *
MD Arcanine.png Arcanine B6-15 49-51 -12%
MD Quilava.png Quilava B11-15 50-51 -10%
MD Magcargo.png Magcargo B13-15 51-52 0.5%

*Only appears if there is a Secret Slab or Mystery Part in the bag

Deep Dark Crater

Entei can only be found in Explorers of Time and Darkness

Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Charmeleon.png Charmeleon B1-5 46-47 -10%
MD Quilava.png Quilava B1-5 51-52 -10%
MD Monferno.png Monferno B1-5 46-47 -10%
MD Camerupt.png Camerupt B1-6 49-50 -12%
MD Combusken.png Combusken B1-8 48-49 -10%
MD Arcanine.png Arcanine B1-9, B11-14 51-53 -12%
MD Rapidash.png Rapidash B1-9, B11-14 51-53 -4.5%
MD Flareon.png Flareon B1-9, B11-14 52-54 -12%
MD Magcargo.png Magcargo B1-11 52-54 0.5%
MD Rhyperior.png Rhyperior B5-14 53-54 -12%
MD Magmortar.png Magmortar B5-14 52-53 -10%
MD Charizard.png Charizard B6-9, B11-14 53-54 -12%
MD Typhlosion.png Typhlosion B6-9, B11-14 53-54 -12%
MD Infernape.png Infernape B6-14 52-53 -12%
MD Torkoal.png Torkoal B7-14 53-54 6.4%
MD Mismagius.png Mismagius B7-14 52-53 8.2%
MD Blaziken.png Blaziken B9-14 53-54 -12%
MD Aggron.png Aggron B9-14 52-53 -10%
MD Entei.png Entei B10 47 6.4% *

*Only appears if there is a Secret Slab or Mystery Part in the bag

Dark Crater Pit

Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Darkrai.png Darkrai Pit 53 Unrecruitable
MD Arbok.png Arbok Pit 36 Unrecruitable
MD Magcargo.png Magcargo Pit 36 Unrecruitable
MD Aggron.png Aggron Pit 36 Unrecruitable
MD Mismagius.png Mismagius Pit 35 Unrecruitable
MD Rhyperior.png Rhyperior Pit 36 Unrecruitable
MD Magmortar.png Magmortar Pit 36 Unrecruitable