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Danika is a character appearing in Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Danika has blue eyes and turqoise hair tied into a ponytail with a spiky hairband, she wears a blue and cream colored jacket with a purple shirt underneath.


Unlike Quillon, Danika is far more welcoming and friendly, encouraging Goh to give his best. In battle her most friendly posture is left aside, Danika is quite confident of her abilities, even choosing several opponents for battle and disqualifying the Pokémon Hunters as soon as she arrives at the place.


Danika contacting Gary Oak about a Moltres feather he had recently sent in to help further the research of Project Mew. In return for the feather, she gifted Gary a token from the project for his work.

She was first seen talking to Gary once again before Ash and Goh headed to the lab she resides in for their first missions. She taught them about the ranking in "Project Mew", as well as informing them on their first mission: capturing an Alolan Ninetales. Once Goh successfully completed the task, she and Professor Amaranth congratulated him.