This Trubbish is a poison-type Pokémon owned by Daniela.


Some children found Trubbish and decided to let it stay at their kindergarden. However, their teacher, Daniela, refused Trubbish to stay, for it might endanger their lives. Daniela took Trubbish back where it was found, but next day, it came back with the children, who barricaded themselves. Ash met the children and Trubbish and agreed it was not fair to leave Trubbish. Trubbish helped Ash to fight the Sunglasses Sandile, who wanted a battle with Pikachu. When the trash started dropping down, Trubbish saved them all using Mud Shot to push the trash away. Daniela changed her mind and allowed Trubbish to stay and was told if Trubbish is taken care with friendship, it won't release nauseous gases.

Known moves

  • Using Sludge Bomb
  • Using Toxic Spikes


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