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Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama! (メタモン・へんしんバトル!本物はドッチ~ニョ!? Ditto - Transformation Battle! Which One is the Real One!?) is the 16th episode of Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors.


Ash and the gang meet Marina, who has a pair of transforming Ditto that can duplicate Pokémon. However, Team Rocket tries to steal them but with Ash's help she fights them off.

Episode plot

Before the Grand Festival, Dawn and Ash train. Piplup uses Whirlpool and Gible with Draco Meteor. This fails and lands on Piplup. While Brock made lunch, Piplup spins and uses BubbleBeam. Dawn gives him some rest and sends Togekiss, who uses Sky Attack. As Piplup is resting, two bright eyes are seen in a nearby bush. Piplup comes to lunch and eats a lot of food, some of which is not his own. Suddenly, Piplup comes and fights with the one on the table. Seeing how they cannot surely tell which is the real one, Gible's (failed) Draco Meteor lands on the real Piplup.

However, they soon spot two Togekiss. Dawn calls the real one back in the Poké Ball. Suddenly, there is the problem with Pikachu. Ash picks one, but gets zapped by the other Pikachu. He picks the other and gets zapped by the first one. Pikachu makes silly faces, but there is no difference and there is another Piplup, which gets in the fight with the one in Dawn's hold. Suddenly, Gible gets in the fight with its counterpart. Suddenly, a woman comes and orders the counterparts to cool down, which transform back into Ditto. They meet up with the woman, Narissa, whose nickname is Rissa. Dawn and Ash think it is an interesting nickname, but this gets Narissa riled up, as she is also called the Rumbler.

As Narissa confesses she is a trainer, Ash thinks she is like her, but gets insulted by being called a noob. She admits she has been on the journey a month and has not won a single badge, confusing Ash and Dawn. Meanwhile, Team Rocket hear that and Meowth believes that the boss would be saved by having Ditto transform into powerful Pokémon. Ash proposes a Pokémon battle, which Narissa accepts, using her Ditto. Narissa sends out her Shiny Ditto, Ditto 2 and Ash brings out Infernape. Ditto 2 transforms into Infernape and uses its moves. Dawn deduces that Ditto can use the moves of whatever Pokémon they transform into. Infernape uses Flame Wheel and Ditto 2 collides with the same move, canceling each other out. The two then both use Mach Punch, and while they seem evenly matched, Ditto 2 gets pushed back.

Narissa sends in her other Ditto, Ditto 1, while Ash recalls his Infernape and sends out Pikachu. Narissa has Ditto one transform into Piplup, which Dawn questions since Water-types are weak against Electric-types. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, which electrocutes Ditto. Realizing her error, Narissa has Ditto 1 transform into Pikachu. Ditto 1 uses Iron Tail, but Pikachu shrugs it off, with Dawn stating that Steel-type moves don't work well on Electric-types. Pikachu then uses Quick Attack and Ditto 1 counters with Volt Tackle. Dawn points out that Volt Tackle causes recoil damage, making Narissa realize too late that she messed up again. The two Pokémon collide, and Ditto 1 ends up defeated. Narissa gets upset and wants fight Ash. Brock and Dawn do not think it is a wise move, but Narissa recounts how she won a battle; a passing Zapdos flew by and her both Ditto transformed into it, causing her opponent to flee. The others point out that she didn't actually win, but Narissa does not care any other way, claiming that "a win is a win". Brock talks with Narissa, giving her a piece of his mind; she needs to have better knowledge of her Pokémon. When Narissa still doesn't get it, Brock angrily tells her that unless she learns more about Pokémon, she will never be a successful trainer.

Narissa suddenly bursts into tears, and explains that she's really a scaredy cat and a crybaby. Her tough facade is only an act, which is why she dresses up as Flint of the Elite Four. Brock tells her that while her Ditto can copy a Pokémon's moves, their power is not the same. Brock advises her to study and things will be fine. Brock makes a review of her battles; in her first match, she could've had Ditto transform into Piplup, which would've be a good matchup against Infernape. Brock then explains that Pikachu knows moves of various types to gain a better advantage. To test her, he is going to use his Happiny against her Ditto. Ditto 1 and 2 use Pound, and Happiny uses the same move and sends them away because of her impressive strength. They attempt the same using Sudowoodo. Ditto use Hammer Arm and Sudowoodo retaliates with the same move. Suddenly, Ditto get captured by Team Rocket.

Just as Pikachu is about to stop them, Jessie sends Seviper, who uses Haze and they disappear quickly. Ash sends Staraptor to look for them. When the Ditto are let out, they copy Meowth and Wobbuffet. It doesn't take long for the gang to find them. James sends out Carnivine, who gives him its usual biting affection, though Ditto transform into Staraptor and use Aerial Ace and dodge Carnivine's Bullet Seed and attack it. Jessie sends Seviper, so Ash sends Gible, allowing Ditto 2 to be transformed into it. Ditto uses Dig, while the other uses Quick Attack on Seviper. The Ditto transform into Pikachu and they all fire a boss-fantasy-thwarting triple Thunderbolt to blast Team Rocket off once again. Narissa promises to act less tough and asks of Brock if he can visit him again. Brock agrees, but when he spots a girl, he flirts with her, but gets a Poison Jab from not one, but three Croagunk. Narissa runs off, annoyed by all this. Later, the heroes find themselves at Lake Valor, for Dawn's Grand Festival.