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The Treasure Is All Mine! (危険(きけん)がいっぱい! コジロウの宝箱(たからばこ)!!, Full of Danger! James' Treasure Chest!!) is the 49th episode of Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles.


As Ash and friends are on their way to Daybreak Town for Dawn's next contest, Ash finds a treasure chest. Seeing the treasure chest, James realizes that its his as this forces him to face his past and his fiancée.

Episode plot

Piplup is about to use BubbleBeam on Monferno as a part of training of Ash and Dawn. Monferno digs and gets his fingers hurt, as it dug out something. It is a treasure chest, but a locked one. Team Rocket also see the chest and plan to take it. As the heroes are to bring it to Officer Jenny, Team Rocket come as pirates and Jessie attempts to take the chest. Seeing how it is not easy, they undisguise themselves and soon blast off by Pikachu. After the blast-off, James realizes it is his chest, when he buried it as a child. He does not remember what it is inside; either toys, bottle caps or money.

Team Rocket come to the twerps and James claims that it is his chest. Though they doubt him, they ask of him to open the chest if it is his. James attempts to unlock it and says a pass code. He attempts this twice and soon a security decide activates, as it fires and blasts Team Rocket off. After another blast off, James remembers that inside the chest is something that must not be shown and promises to get it back before it opens. The heroes come to an estate and a butler comes and recognizes the chest. He shows the painting of Growlithe under the chest and calls after James. Ash and Brock explain to Dawn James' family is quite rich, surprising her.

James sees the heroes are at his mansion. He begs Jessie and Meowth to get the chest, otherwise Jessibelle, her fianceé, will come and force him to marry her. Jessie and Meowth regretfully join his plan to get the chest. The butler, Sebastian, gives the heroes some food for the recovery of the chest. As Ash is about to reveal the location of the chest, Sebastian goes to the door and finds Jessibelle (which is Jessie) with two of her men (which are James and Meowth). Jessibelle asks to get the chest, as James wants it back. Meowth orders Ash to get it, although quite rude. When they are to give the chest back, Growlie, James' pet, comes and recognizes James, trips over him and licks, revealing his disguise.

Sebastian is very happy and hugs James. Sebastian has promised James' father to bring him and sends Spinarak to use String Shot. James sends Mime Jr., who uses Teeter Dance to confuse them, allowing James to trap them. Everyone wants to know what is about the chest, so James tells his tale while everyone eats. One night, James and Growlie were away from a ball and saw a young lady. James introduced himself and the lady walks away, but said she was Jessibelle, a girl James had a crush on. Later, James wrote a letter, proposing marriage to Jessibelle. His parents were present and gave him a chest, where he could've stored his letter he wrote. Also, he was invited to Jessibelle's house.

When he came, Jessibelle knew he was to propose her and agreed to. She only asked to get rid of Growlithe, his pet, and get a Skitty instead. James refused, as Growlie was his partner, to which Jessibelle told that now she is his partner. James ran away from Jessibelle's house and Growlie dug a hole so James stored the chest. The heroes do not understand, as it is an ordinary letter, but James suspects Jessibelle could force him to marry her with that. Suddenly, the security alarm rings, as Jessibelle and her army of bodyguards arrive and surround the house (as Sebastian told her James is in the mansion). Sebastian shows Jessibelle the way where James went to; through the escape tunnel.

The heroes do not understand why are they involved; James clarifies they found the chest. James tries to open it, but fails. They run away as soon as they find Sebastian and Jessibelle going towards them. As they come out, Brock and Ash put the rocks to barricade the way. Team Rocket try to open the chest and the security device activates and fires, but Growlithe uses Flamethrower to negate it. Seeing no option, James decides to destroy the chest as well - Growlie uses Flamethrower, but no effect is made, as Growlie gets hit by a missile from the chest. Growlie continues to fight, as it digs out and uses Flamethrower. The security system is disabled, as the chest turns into a rocket and goes in the sky.

As Sebastian failed to open the door, Jessibelle sends Vileplume, who uses Solar Beam and crashes through the door. Sebastian tells James to make the right decision, so James goes to say goodbye. James asks of Ash to order Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, as he does not want Jessibelle's marriage. Jessie and Meowth demand to know why would they blast off, so James tells they are a team that sticks together. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Jessibelle runs towards James. James waves goodbye to Growlie, but sees Jessibelle is blasted too, as Jessie got on Jessibelle's couch. While Dawn thinks it was a crazy day, she is reminded she has a Contest, while Ash last Gym Battle. Meanwhile, James and Meowth are being chased by Jessibelle.