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Challenging a Towering Figure! (タワータイクーン! その男、 クロツグ!!, Tower Tycoon! That Man, Palmer!!) is the 37th episode of Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles.


The heroes participate in the Twinleaf Festival Challenge where the winner gets the chance to battle against Barry's father, Tower Tycoon Palmer.

Episode plot

Palmer has been greeted by many traders, so he sends out his Dragonite. As they take poses, Ash challenges him to a battle, and so do Dawn and Barry. Barry explains the winner of the battle tomorrow will challenge Palmer himself. He explains that his dad is the Tower Tycoon of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier, making Ash pleased to hear whom he will battle with. Later, Dawn confirms to her mom they met Palmer. Ash is excited that he will battle him, but Dawn tells him that she will be the one. Even Brock will enter the battle and goes to tell Croagunk, who is staring at a female Croagunk on TV.

Next day, Johanna announces the battle is to commence. She sends Umbreon and Glameow, who display some Contest moves. She announces Palmer, but sees he is not present. He eats some food from Team Rocket's stand. The heroes spot him, though they have doubts about his Tower Tycoon status. Hearing Johanna calls him to the battle field, he gives Ash some snacks and runs off, with the heroes following him. Johanna announces Palmer, the Frontier Brain and tells that everyone can participate in this event and the winner can challenge Palmer himself. Also, the winner will receive a small golden statue.

So, many challengers battle each other. In the end, Ash won and has to battle Palmer. Palmer sends a Rhyperior and lets Ash know that never has Rhyperior found a match. Ash knows that speed could be the key to victory, but all others may find themselves defeated quickly. So, he sends Grotle and the battle begins, as Grotle uses Energy Ball. Though Grotle hit it, Rhyperior stands as if nothing happened. Barry explains due to Solid Rock, Rhyperior receives less damage from super-effective attacks. Though Palmer is impressed by this first attack, it still is not much against Rhyperior, as it uses Rock Polish. Grotle uses Razor Leaf, but Rhyperior is quite fast, as Rock Polish increased its speed.

Rhyperior uses Sandstorm, engulfing Grotle in it. Grotle receives more damage from Rock Wrecker. Grotle heals himself via Synthesis, though Sandstorm still continues to toll damage on Grotle. With a Razor Leaf, Grotle gets the Sandstorm off. Rhyperior uses Mega Horn, so Grotle retaliates with Energy Ball. They collide and Rhyperior goes back, while Grotle "swallows" Energy Ball and gets infused by a green aura. Dawn thinks it might be good for her Contests to use this in a similar fashion. Rhyperior uses Rock Wrecker, but Grotle's Rock Climb, which pushes Rhyperior away, while also evading the attack. Rhyperior stops Grotle from pushing by binding its tail to the ground. Palmer admits he never had an opponent like that, so orders Rhyperior to use Rock Wrecker, which gets Grotle put down, defeated.

Barry knew his dad can't be defeated that easily, but he, Brock and Dawn notice Ash is not sad at all. Palmer admits the Energy Ball swallowing was unexpected, but still, he presents Ash with the Battle Trophy. Barry tells that his dad cannot be defeated, which is how Dawn feels about her mom, as they raised their Pokémon with respect. Ash wonders how come Paul has his Pokémon so powerful, hearing those words. Barry hears a song and goes to get there, as he was supposed to be the one singing. Dawn tells Ash seeing Grotle swallowing the Energy Ball got her a new idea to show her Pokémon. Palmer arrives and asks Ash where should he challenge the next Gym Leader. Hearing how he has no idea, he advises Ash to go to Sunyshore City, as his battling style can give the Gym Leader there "a shock".

Sayer comes to Team Rocket and is pleased with all the business. He will give them the profit, saying they can buy a rocket with all the money, making them proud. Next day, Johanna asks of Brock, Ash and Piplup to watch over Dawn. They go, saying goodbye to Dawn's mom. Suddenly, Barry comes and has heard that they will go to Sunyshore City Gym. He promises that he will be there before they are and promises to meet them once more.