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The Psyduck Stops Here! (コダックの通せんぼ! The Psyduck Roadblock!) is the 35th episode of Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension.


While traveling through a deep valley on their way to Celestic Town, Ash and his friends encounter a swarm of Psyduck in the middle of a road. Upon trying to pass them, the Psyduck start attacking them to prevent them from going through. Trying to find a way to get past them, the heroes need to get around them by figuring out the reason for them blocking off the road.

Episode plot

The heroes are going to Celestic Town, which is not very far. The heroes spot a bunch of Psyduck, who use Confusion to push them away. Seeing force should be used, Ash orders Pikachu to charge, but the Psyduck blocked them. Brock sees the other route can be used, but Dawn does not want to, as she will miss out the Contest. So, Ash demands to pass through the Psyduck. Ash sends Turtwig, who uses Razor Leaf, but the Psyduck stop the attack with Hidden Power. Turtwig uses Bite on a Psyduck, though the other two push it away with Confusion.

Ash calls Turtwig back, while Piplup wants to help. Piplup negotiates with the Psyduck, but fails, as it gets hit by their Hidden Power. Piplup uses BubbleBeam, but the Psyduck use Confusion to send the attack back. Piplup use Whirlpool, but the Psyduck use Confusion to send it back and defeat Piplup. Brock sends Croagunk, who uses Poison Sting, but the attack gets sent back by Psyduck's Confusion. Croagunk goes to use Poison Jab, but gets hit instead by Psyduck's Hidden Power. With Confusion, Croagunk is defeated. Ash sends Chimchar, who uses Flamethrower, but the Psyduck use Water Gun to overpower the attack and hit Chimchar. Team Rocket has been watching their foes' attempts and think they can do better.

Meowth negotiates with the Psyduck, wanting to get a pass. He offers them to get Pikachu and they will get some food as a reward. This causes Team Rocket to blast off via Confusion. Team Rocket is hurt, but think they could be a good present for the boss. Brock sends Happiny, who attacks the Psyduck, but they stop her using Hidden Power. Happiny grabs a nearby boulder, but the boulder is too heavy and she accidentally smashes it, causing her to faint. Dawn sends Swinub, who digs, but the Psyduck use Confusion to stop it.

Dawn thinks the Psyduck want to warn them of the trouble ahead. Ash thinks he might be able to see what trouble. With some time, he thinks he can see while hanging on Gliscor. So, Ash sends the latter to help them. Since there is not much air, Ash sends Staravia as well. Brock has been dressed as a dancer, thinking the Psyduck won't notice Ash with some distraction. Staravia uses Gust and Ash hangs on Gliscor. As Brock and Dawn dance, Gliscor flies. It begins to lose balance, so Staravia uses Gust to power it up. However, Gliscor does not fly straight and they crash. Ash thinks flying should be improved, but at another time and calls Gliscor back. Ash, Pikachu and Staravia scout to see what the Psyduck were guarding. Ash spots a Psyduck lake, where the Psyduck are having eggs, leaving to believe the Psyduck are protecting them.

Brock is still dancing, but Dawn tells him the Psyduck are not paying attention anymore. Ash returns, though Gliscor's flying skills are not good, as they accidentally hit a Psyduck and crash. Ash tells Brock and Dawn about the eggs and thinks they should let them know they mean no harm, though does not know how to. Suddenly, Team Rocket arrives and grabs the Psyduck, so Ash sends Staravia, who uses Aerial Ace, but gets hit by a Robot arm copied Aerial Ace. Brock sends Croagunk, who uses Poison Jab. The robot arm goes to hit him with a copied Poison Jab, but Croagunk evades and pops the balloon. Jessie sends Yanmega and James sends Carnivine. Yanmega uses Sonic Boom, but gets stopped by Buneary's Ice Beam. Carnivine uses Bullet Seed, but gets negated by Chimchar's Flamethrower. Croagunk uses Brick Break, hitting Carnivine. Chimchar uses Flame Wheel and the Psyduck use Water Gun, hitting Team Rocket's Pokémon and blasting them off.

Ash tells the Psyduck they do not want to hurt them. Suddenly, another Psyduck comes and they all go to the lake. The heroes witness the Psyduck eggs hatch. The heroes go to watch closer, but the Psyduck stop them. Brock prepares some food and the Psyduck love the food. Dawn thinks the little Psyduck should be called Psyducklings. Brock thinks it is unusual they live in such a small lake, as there is a bigger one nearby. Dawn tells something bad happened, causing the Psyduck to cover their "ears". When they arrive to the other lake, they spot some Muk came in.

Muk uses Sludge Bomb. Pikachu tries to reason with them, but the Muk almost attack him with another Sludge Bomb. Ash sends Buizel, Brock his Croagunk and Dawn her Ambipom. Buizel hits one with Aqua Jet. Another Muk uses Focus Punch, but Ambipom uses Double Team, so Muk hits an illusion. Ambipom hits the other one with Double Hit. The last Muk misses Croagunk and gets hit by Brick Break. The Muk use Sludge Bomb, but with Buizel's Sonic Boom, Ambipom's Swift and Croagunk's Poison Sting, the Muk are hurt severely. Pikachu's Thunderbolt blasts them off. The Muk are blasted off to a lake, but a dirty one, one they are happy to be in, even finding some female Muk to live with. The Psyduck move to the lake, where they live a much happier life.


  • Brock wears his outfit from Takeshi's Paradise in this episode, and music from that is used as well in the original Japanese version.
  • This episode is the only time Brock's Happiny is knocked out.
  • This is the first episode of Japanese dub of the Pokémon anime moves to TV Tokyo digital channel 7, and to have TV Tokyo's circle 7 logo.
  • An earlier episode had a similar title to this episode. Both are references to the famous saying "the buck stops here".


  • When Dawn got her "Psyducklings" idea, Brock's hair is colored black instead of brown.

Dub differences

  • As Brock performs Takeshi's Paradise, the Takeshi's Paradise background music is removed.