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Tears For Fears! (ヒコザルの涙! Chimchar's Tears!) is the 1st episode of Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension.


On the way to Veilstone City, Ash and the others stop to have lunch. When Ash, Dawn, and Brock let all their Pokémon out, Chimchar is shocked to see a happy environment, which is different from the one he had with Paul. Meanwhile, a group of Zangoose are lured to Team Rocket's Seviper, which results in Team Rocket blasting off. Meowth is separated from Jessie and James, and has a midnight meeting with Chimchar about life. The next day, Team Rocket attacks and captures all of the Pokémon except for Ash's Chimchar. The Zangoose also return, and now it is up to Chimchar to put his fear behind him and fight the Zangoose.

Episode plot

As Brock cooks lunch, Ash complains that he's taking too long. After Brock and Dawn say that he should help, Ash sends out his Pokémon. Seeing how much more efficient teamwork is, Dawn and Brock then do the same thing. As everyone sets the table for the lunch, Chimchar remembers how Paul used to feed him. Before, Paul simply threw a can at him and told him to hurry up. Chimchar is a bit baffled, but when he eats a bit of Brock's food, he gets happy and continues.

At the same time, Team Rocket also has lunch, even though Meowth complains about the fact that Jessie was lazy and didn't do anything to help. While they eat, Jessie's Seviper gets a chill up its spine, apparently sensing something. Unable to restrain itself any longer, it suddenly charges at three Zangoose, its mortal enemies. While Team Rocket initially thinks that the battle will be over quickly, Jessie soon gets worried. After Seviper almost gets ganged up on by three Zangoose, Jessie unsuccessfully tries to call her Pokémon back. As a result of Seviper's disobedience, Team Rocket gets sent blasting off, with Meowth being separated from his team.

Back on the other side, Chimchar watches some Pokémon training. He watches Buizel using Aqua Jet, Pikachu evading and countering with Iron Tail, and Buizel countering with Sonic Boom. He then watches as Pikachu charges from one side to another (thus making Buizel confused) and attacks his foe with another Iron Tail. Afterwards, Brock stops the training. Ash and Dawn then proceed to compliment their Pokémon while Chimchar sees all of it. Seeing their positivity, Chimchar then gets another memory of Paul. He remembers that during Paul's type of training, he had managed to defeat Elekid, though Paul was not impressed as he could have attacked like the time he battled Zangoose.

Afterwards, Ash proposes for Chimchar to battle with Dawn, as her Piplup is prepared and ready to go. Piplup uses BubbleBeam to start, but his attack misses because Chimchar digs underground. Bursting out of the ground, Chimchar attacks by scratching his foe, while Piplup retaliates by pecking. The rest of everyone's Pokémon gather and see the strange battle; shortly after, Meowth, now lost and wandering around, sees the battle as well. Momentarily quitting their pecking and scratching, Chimchar digs underground once again and hits Piplup. They then use BubbleBeam and Flamethrower, which results in a collision. However, Chimchar manages to be defeated, as Piplup is stronger and has a type advantage. Having yet another memory of Paul, Chimchar remembers how he called him a disgrace and released him, booting him off of his team. Although Chimchar feels bad, Ash picks him up and praises him for his strength, as he almost managed to defeat Piplup. Shortly after, everyone else confirms his statement, saying that it was a good battle. Chimchar is touched and begins to cry as a result of his support.

Later, as everyone sleeps, Chimchar has a nightmare about Paul. In it, Paul wants Chimchar to use his Blaze ability. The nightmare progresses, but when some Zangoose attack Chimchar in it, he wakes up. Realizing that it was only a nightmare, he decides to go for a walk. On his walk, he encounters Meowth, who has been looking for Jessie and James the entire day. Chimchar prepares to battle Meowth, but he isn't interested. Instead, he has a talk with Chimchar, saying that he is lucky to have a new Trainer, especially one that doesn't treat him like Paul did. The next day, after Chimchar sees everyone setting the table again, he goes with Ash to get some water. By that time, Jessie and James manage to find Meowth. They scheme to steal the twerps' Pokémon, managing to capture all of them with a big net, except for Chimchar, who is with Ash.

Dawn tries to call her Pokémon back, but the glass they are behind prevents her from doing so. The glass is also too thick for everyone's Pokémon to attack, which they discover after launching a futile attempt. Suddenly, Jessie's Seviper comes out, and after a moment, the Zangoose assaulting it attack the balloon. To keep themselves from getting hurt, Team Rocket hides behind a specialized box. Meanwhile, Jessie's Seviper and Zangoose still attack- while the glass prevents any damage, the box is still pushed and jostled around. Afterwards, Ash and Chimchar show up. When Chimchar sees the Zangoose, he remembers the nightmare from earlier. Ash knows that Chimchar is scared of the Zangoose, but he tells him that he is the only one that can save everyone. Remembering what happened yesterday, Chimchar gets ready to go. Reassuring him, Ash tells Chimchar that he doesn't need Blaze to be activated- after all, they won the Tag Competition without it.

Chimchar attacks the Zangoose with Flamethrower and scratches them. A Zangoose then tries to attack him, but Ash takes the hit in Chimchar's place. Digging underground, Chimchar manages to defeat one Zangoose. Digging one last time, he then comes out and defeats the other two with Flamethrower. Team Rocket tries to escape, but everyone's Pokémon attack (Piplup with BubbleBeam, Buneary with Ice Beam, Turtwig with Razor Leaf, Pikachu with Thunderbolt, and Chimchar with Flamethrower), sending them blasting off. Afterwards, everyone is pleased to know that Chimchar became more powerful and overcame his fears.