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Ash, try and forget we're on the radio and imagine we're in a Pokémon battle.

–DJ Mary giving Ash some advice.

DJ Mary is a character that works for the Goldenrod Radio Station.


Pokémon the Series: Gold and Silver

Mary appeared as a host for the Goldenrod Radio. Mary interviewed Team Rocket (believing they were puppeteers), then Ash. Ash was nervous, so Mary advised him to imagine he was in battle. However, there were recordings missing, so Mary had to continue with a story about a prince and his friends that came to Goldenrod City. Jessie interrupted her a lot, then Team Rocket stole Pikachu. Despite this, she continued with the story, which turned out to be a hit in the end.

Mary and Prof. Oak came to an event, where Prof. Oak would answer some questions from the locals. However, Jessie and James disguised themselves earlier as Prof. Oak and Mary and caused some trouble in the town. Since many couldn't tell who's the real Prof. Oak, DJ Mary and Jessie (disguised also as Mary) asked Prof. Oak some questions. In the end, Nurse Joy evaluated Prof. Oak's poems and did guess correctly who's the real Prof. Oak, so Jessie and James fled and were blasted off by Prof. Oak's Pidgey. Glad everything was in place, Mary bid everyone farewell and went back to the Goldenrod Radio Tower.

Episode appearances

Johto League Champions

Episode Title
JE044 Air Time!

Master Quest

Episode Title
JE129 Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?

Pokémon Chronicles

Episode Title
PC011 Oaknapped!

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