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Winning Over Wingull (VS キャモメ, VS Wingull) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 34.


Pearl travels alone to the mountain near Eterna Forest. He gets assaulted by two Wingull, and he realizes they are protecting a nest. After saving the nest, Pearl continues his way, and finds a deserted factory: the Fuego Ironworks.

Chapter plot

Pearl is climbing a mountain with his Pokémon. Chimler helps Pearl get to the top, who is quite pleased how much he has climbed. He points out they used the tunnel to go through the mountain, but this time they need to take the lesser-known path, to prevent Team Galactic from knowing their objective. Pearl is ready to continue, and admires the view to Eterna Forest and the city itself. He uses his binoculars, and observes the spiky building, whom Diamond noticed when they were there. He sees a helicopter coming atop of it, and believes those people must be busy.

He continues climbing with the Pokémon, until Chatler hears rustling. Suddenly, two Wingull appear and attack Pearl, who falls down. Pearl is annoyed that he is targeted by wild Pokémon, and has Chatler use Pluck. The Wingull are hit, and Chatler repeats the attack. Despite the latter's advantage, Pearl notices a strange posture in the Wingull, who uses Roost to recover itself. Pearl sees Chatler is losing, and his Chimler joins the fight. It uses Mach Punch, which blasts pieces of rocks to the Wingull. With both Pokémon distracted, Pearl calls his own to join him, and notices this was better than continue the fight. Just as they continue, Chimler spots something.

Pearl sees that Wingull was actually defending its nest, and an injured Wingull. Pearl realizes he trespassed on Wingull's land, and apologized to others, since he didn't mean to hurt them. However, a powerful blast of wind nearly blows Pearl away, who looks that the nest is blown by the wind. Pearl jumps to save the nest, but as he catches them, he falls down, but is saved by Chimler. The other Wingull join the nest, and Pearl bids them farewell. As he takes some steps forward, he realizes he just jumped somewhere, and has lost track where he was supposed to go to. He looks at the surroundings, and notices he is away from Eterna Forest. He bumps into a column, and sees a large factory: the Fuego Ironworks.

Pearl is surprised that such a factory exists this close to the forest. He feels an intense heat, and looks through, only to see it abandoned. He goes to a table, and sees some papers, which shocks him that they are signed by a G letter. This makes Pearl realize that Cyrus and Team Galactic were here, and believes they forced the factory to do something. Pearl hears someone muttering, but does not know what to do. Something appears behind him, and surprises Pearl that it's "him".