This Weavile is a dark/ice-type Pokémon owned by Cyrus.


Weavile first appeared in when Cyrus sent it out to attack Hareta's Piplup with Night Slash. Piplup then used Brine and Weavile countered it with Ice Beam and used Night Slash again, successfully hitting Piplup. When Hareta and Piplup jumped on the bridge, Cyrus ordered his Weavile to use Ice Beam on Hareta to make them stop. After they stopped, Cyrus ordered Weavile again to use Rapid-Fire Night Slash, hitting the reflection from the ice. Due to that, Weavile let its guard down and was attacked by Piplup's Drill Peck. To counter it, Weavile used Hyper Beam and sent Piplup flying into the air. Weavile was then later attacked by Piplup's Surf, which made Cyrus to recall Weavile.

Known moves

  • Using Night Slash
  • Using Ice Beam
  • Using Hyper Beam
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